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5 Ways to Prepare for a Memorial Service


Memorial services are a way for people to remember a person who just passed away. Organizing one is going to take a lot of work, especially since you are still grieving as well. It has to be memorable but also somber for everyone who will go. These are five things that you should remember in preparing for a memorial service for a deceased loved one:

Arrange for a headstone to be prepared

You will need a headstone either before or after the memorial service if you are planning to bury the body of the deceased. Because of this, you should already have a headstone ready a few days before the memorial. Pick a beautiful design to make the event memorable for those who will attend. To help you prepare for the memorial service, contact a company that does headstones.

Choose a solemn location

There is no perfect location for any funeral service in Roy. But, you may customize it so the place will serve as a good way to remember the person who passed away. The location should be accessible enough for everyone that loves and knows the person who will attend the service. It should also not be too loud as you want the memorial service to be peaceful and solemn.

Have an obituary published

Even now, obituaries still matter. After all, many people still read a lot of newspapers and publications. To make sure that everyone knows about the memorial service, have an obituary published in your local paper. Send an inquiry to a news organization’s editorial board and ask for their rates. If you like the arrangement, send them the text and picture of the obituary. You may also want to publish an obituary-like post on the social media account of a relative. This way, the news about the memorial service will spread faster.

Pick the right people to speak in the memorial

It is important to get the right mix of speakers who will make a short speech in the memorial. The speakers could come from families and different circles of friends, so they will have varied stories to tell. You may also want to avoid choosing speakers who may have a divisive reputation among the other people in the crowd. Otherwise, you may find yourself in an awkward situation among the attendees, which you do not want to happen during the service.

Make reservations for the memorial service

As with any other events, reservations are a key factor in achieving success. If you want to hold the memorial service in a particular venue, a reservation will help you secure it before someone else does. Plus, you should think about other things that you will have to rent like a sound system, chairs, and others.

It may be tough to organize a memorial service while still grieving. It involves a lot of work, especially if you don’t have many people helping you with all the responsibilities. But, with these ideas, the tasks may be a lot less challenging.

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