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8 Steps to Decorate a New Home


You recently bought a new home, and your move-in date is approaching quickly. The house is beautiful, and you are excited to make it your own, but this is the first time you have decorated a whole place. Feeling nervous but looking forward to the challenge, you decided not to hire a home decorator but instead design it independently. Online resources like https://studioroom906.com/  have become your go-to for inspiration and practical tips on home decor.

While some have a natural eye for home design not everyone finds it easy to bring together a newly purchased residence. Lucky there are tips to make it easier for those who are somewhat challenged due to lack of experience or confidence. We talked to a realtor who sells Penticton real estate. Here are some suggestions he provided of where to begin when decorating a new home for the first time.

1. Discover Your Unique Style 

Buying home decorating magazines or pinning on Pinterest is a good first step in house design; however, you should find an original style that suits you. It will be your home, so you want it to be comfortable. Pick and choose from different styles and bring them together to create a custom home you love. To help you in this creative journey, you can explore ideas and inspiration at https://estate-link.net/.

2. Trust Your Gut

One thing I have learned about style is we all have our very own way of seeing it if we allow ourselves that space. You might love your neighbour’s home but it may not feel right for your abode. So trust your gut and go with what inspires you. Bring in design elements from different sources but when you are shopping or picking your pins opt for what speaks to you. We all have an inner designer inside.

3. Break Down It into Rooms 

If you attempt to design your whole home all at once you will likely find it overwhelming. Instead choose the rooms one at a time. Decide which takes priority and start from there. Starting with the living room is a good idea as it’s often the centrepiece of many residences. Once you have finished a room move onto the next until your entire house is beautifully decorated.

4. Paint is a Fundamental

Be creative with paint. It can be fun and a cheap and easy way to transform a blank canvas. Do research and you will find many techniques to make a room pop. Do not be afraid to do an accent wall with a brighter colour to add depth to the space. Paint is a key part of the ambience and feel of your home so take time to choose the colours. If you like brighter colours, go for it.

5. Pair Antique with Modern 

There is no rule saying old and new cannot live in harmony. Putting antiques and more modern pieces together brings a unique and customized look to your home. There is a danger when only buying new that your house will look like a display window at a furniture store. Though it looks nice in the window it won’t take many years for your home to have a dated feel. Mixing ensures this doesn’t happen.

6. Window Coverings Frame a Room

Homeowners often choose Venetian blinds when shopping for window covers but there are many better options out there. Window treatments are a very important part of designing any room though it is often overlooked or added on at the end of the project. Take some time to look into all the various curtain and blind options. Make them an integral element of each room. Find colours to complement the paint.

7. Artwork Adds Personality 

Walking into a furniture store or a home store you will find a multitude of pictures you could hang on your walls. However if you tour some local art galleries in your area you can discover original art while supporting local artists. This is an added bonus. Do not worry, galleries carry prints as well to make it more affordable. Buy some and then go and pick up some frames elsewhere. Secondhand stores often carry them.

8. Mix it Up 

Gone are the days when buying matching furniture pieces for each room is in. Nowadays it is more trendy to mix and match fabrics, styles and textures. You do not want your tables to be a matched set as it is nice to choose different woods and finishes. Your couch and love seat patterns should not be the same either. Embrace your artistic side and opt for art, furniture and rugs that compliment one another.

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