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A Fun Sport and Enjoyable Recreation


A great form of sport and recreation is motorcycle riding. The sport of motorcycle riding in the United States can be seen as far back as world war one. Troops returning home from the war were known to put small engines in bicycle frames creating motorcycles. From there biker clubs were a common occurrence across the nation. The returning troops after world war one did this for the adrenaline rush and to find the brother hood, they missed after getting out of the military. Over one hundred years later the sport of riding continues to this day but takes on different meanings and purposes.

After the universal Japanese motorcycle was created the stigma associated with bikers changed forever. Before the universal Japanese motorcycle was created in the 1960’s bikers were grouped in three categories criminals, motorcycle cops and veterans. The Japanese motorcycle companies made their machines significantly more affordable than their American and European counterparts. They also came out with a never seen marketing approach. Marketing their bikes to the common man or woman with a commercial of a husband and wife casually riding down the street. Thanks’ to this the sport of riding is a common form of recreation today.

Trail riding is a great way to get some fresh air and see nature with friends or family. Some of the things you will need when transporting your dirt bike to the trails is an aluminum storage box for trailer having the ability to have tools easily excusable. It is important to note there is a difference in dirt bikes some are better than other for trail riding. Motocross bikes usually have a smaller gas tank lower ground clearance slightly stiffer suspension and are absent of head and taillights. The advantage you get with motocross in is usually greater power and a higher top speed. The disadvantage is the frequency of maintenance is more. Trail bikes generally require less maintenance sometimes come with head and taillights for safety this also gives you the ability to ride the trails at night. A larger fuel tank gives the rider better ranger ground clearance aids in clearing logs and rocks. Trail bikes generally have a lower top speed but more torque down low. A disadvantage is a heavier bike not by much but considering the physical demands of trail riding the ounces make a big difference.

Most of us are not professional riders so this does not matter to us as much. For the common rider just having the ability to get out and hit some trails with friends and family is all we care about. Keeping safety in mind hitting the trails can be an all-day event or a few hours on the weekend. There is competition trail racing for armatures and professionals. Gear can be found at sporting goods outlets on the internet allowing you to order directly to your home or physical locations where you can try on the gear and see if you like it.

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