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A Guide On Tubular Heater For The Beginners


It is essential to know how you can utilize such a cheap source of heat in the best possible way. It is not as easy as it looks to create the perfect amount of heat using this electric equipment. You may end up heating the area inefficiently with respect to how much heating is required.

It is one of the cost-efficient and easy sources of providing heat, although you should know its usage before you start using it.

What Is A Tubular Heater?

It is electric heating equipment used to transfer heat to warm liquids, gases, and surfaces by the use of conduction, convection, and radiation techniques.

They are specifically used to provide warmth and maintain heat in places that are not frequently visited and become freezing and frosty like walk-in wardrobes, pet kennels, or even conservatories.

What Are The Various Options You Can Choose?

This electric heating equipment is available in various sizes from 1 ft. to 6 ft. Each foot produces 60-watt heat, so you can get a maximum of 360 watts of heat with the 6 feet long equipment.

You have an option to select from a hard-wired one that goes directly into your electrical point, or another one goes with 3 pin plugs.


Either it is possible to use more than one heater in space spread out at a distance, or they are stocked together using an accessory bracket.

What Add-Ons Are Needed For Optimum Utilization?

To make use of the equipment optimally, it is controlled with the help of add-on with temperature sensors and timers that alert when the temperature drops beyond a point or just cut off the supply.

This electric heating equipment can also be used outdoors in the greenhouses.

A Rating Of IP54

The IP54 rated equipment is appropriate for outdoor use as they are tested for moisture levels and dust entrance. IP54 is the highest rating that makes sure any dust and water won’t enter.

Supporting Role

It can be used to compliment your main sources of heating by utilizing it for background heating, as it is a very cost-efficient option.

Also, used in places like the lofts or attic rooms where the central heating doesn’t reach.

Money savings

The tubular heater is cheap, and a standard 60w heater cost almost nothing for an hour of usage.

It is essential to know the exact usage of this electric heating equipment and its types.

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