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Best Tips to Follow While Choosing the Chicken Coop


There is no such called as the perfect chicken coop design, but somehow all the coops have the similar characteristics that are important to make your flock happy and healthy. These coops also provide shelter and protection to the birds from the predators during the night. Hence, if you are buying the coop or constructing a new one, here are some of the important tips you must keep in mind.

  1. Size Matters

The size of the coop largely affects the flocks. Each hen inside the birdcage must have a minimum of 3-5 square feet of flooring space. If you are raising the larger breeds and they are spending lots of time indoors, then you should construct the coop that provides about 5 square feet area for each one of the hen. If you are raising the smaller breeds, they will not spend too much time indoors except when they will lay eggs and sleep. In this case, you can allow 3 square feet for each hen.

  1. Nesting Boxes

It is normal that your chickens will want to share 1-2 nesting boxes, but according to the rule of thumb, it is important to offer nesting box for every 4 hens. You can put the herbs in nesting boxes, and you can use the hanging curtains when necessary. The straw and the pine shavings are two important nesting box options available. You can get various chicken coops in NZ or at your preferred location at an affordable rate.

  1. Ventilation

The coop that you are choosing should provide adequate ventilation to the flocks. The storage unit should provide vents up high for allowing good air flow throughout the year. If the ammonia fumes accumulate inside the coop for a longer time, it can create respiratory issues and even cause eye irritation. Hence, the coop that you should choose provides high level of ventilation to the flocks.

  1. Roosting Bars

Plan the storage in such a manner that it allows for 8” of roost per hen. The chickens snuggle together in the winters to keep the body warm and also provide a balance. But, at least a space of 8” per hen is required to maintain a healthy space. The roosts should be offered at higher position than the nesting boxes as the flocks look for higher ground to take rest. To know much about the roosting bars and the nesting boxes, you must check the articles online or take suggestions from those who have previously bought the coops.

  1. A High Level of Security

Keeping the flocks safe from the predating animals while they are sleeping is one of the important functions of the coop. All the ventilation and windows must be covered with the welded wire, and all the latches should be fitted with the eyehooks.

While constructing the chicken coop NZ or anywhere, you must look for the above-discussed features. The structure of the coop should be strong and well ventilated. If you are buying one, you must choose the coop that is affordable yet durable.

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