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COVID-19 Impact on Subscriptions, Online Services & PayPal


Touchless payments and online shopping have become a playground due to COVID-19. If you’re interested in the latest developments concerning subscriptions, online services, PayPal after COVID, and how BestPaymentProviders.com can help you overcome the current hindrances, go on reading the lines below.

BestPaymentProviders.com & PayPal After COVID-19

PayPal offers multiple services, including PPP fund distribution, as well as buy-now, pay-later (BNPL) financing, which are of special importance to those who’ve been hit by COVID-19. PayPal is a strong competitor to traditional banks, and it’s no surprise that 80% of U.S. retailers are using its services.

PayPal has been connecting consumers with merchants during COVID-19. Now, the customers can use its QR code payments at 8.200 CVS locations and its own Venmo credit card. Moreover, the biggest food delivery service in the U.S., the Gap and DoorDash, have become the fintech’s latest merchant partners recently.

In addition, the fintech unicorn Razorpay is now cooperating with PayPal. This partnership allows MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) and freelancers to enjoy seamless international payments.

Currently, PayPal’s partner businesses can start accepting payments from international customers from 200 markets conveniently and securely in just minutes.

If you’re a merchant in the U.S. seeking reliable and cost-effective payment processing or business funding services, work with a reputable merchant services comparison expert like BestPaymentProviders.com. Only this way, you can be sure to get the fastest and easiest access to the safest and cheapest merchant services in the industry.

Online Services & Subscriptions

Even before COVID-19, societies were going cashless. This trend got accelerated due to COVID as it started offering a higher level of convenience and safety to people almost everywhere in the world. According to Salesforce, consumers now spend 60% of their time on online companies, which can’t be said about the period before COVID when the number was 42%.

When it comes to subscription model news, New York State has entered into partnership with Ritual. The cooperation will allow restaurants to use a subscription-based online ordering platform for free through the end of March or April 2021, based on merchant participation. Besides, this program will allow restaurants using the subscription-based platform to be included in a statewide marketing campaign.

To wrap things up, COVID-19 has forced many businesses to close their doors, which resulted in a rise in online shopping, thus making it more popular than ever before. The same is also true of subscription-based services. It’s no surprise that cashless payments became more widespread than ever, which proved to be beneficial for fintechs like PayPal.

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