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Buying a Curing Light? Here’s How to Pick One!


Curing lights are a vital piece of dental equipment. They’re key for diagnosing and evaluating a client’s dental condition.

However, getting a good curing light can be costly. And as a result, many dentists opt for the most affordable on the market.

We don’t recommend that. We see that it’s best to pick what works with your treatment approach.

What to Avoid.

You need to watch out for lights that aren’t backed up by testing results.

Many manufacturers like to advertise their products with unsupported claims. They showcase their products as being effective in treatment rooms (without supplying evidence).

So before buying a light, we recommend doing some research. Specifically, look at claims on the depth that each light can be used at. Also, look for claims as to how long you can cure with each light.

Research shouldn’t be difficult. You can read reviews by other dentists to see how a curing light compares to others.

(Alternative: Try https://www.boomsupplies.com/. They’ll save you money and wasted time)!

Consequences of Bad Curing Lights.

Low quality curing lights can be a disaster in treatment.

Restoration procedures can go wrong. Also, treatments may not last long enough. Plus, bad lights cause issues for patients in the future (which will be the dentist’s responsibility to fix).

Which Lights Should You Pick?

There are a multitude of curing lights on the market. Of all options available, we see that LED lights will serve you best.

They’re more expensive than other options. But they’re an excellent investment.

LED lights are the best advancement in curing light design. They’re designed for use without requiring a cord.

Also, they’re easy to handle. LED variants are much lighter than most curing light models.

Recommended Models.

A product we think you should try is the LED-C Woodpecker.

This curing light is one of the best on the market. And it’s actually a best-seller to most dentists (for many reasons).

First, it’s cordless. So it’s easier to handle when treating a patient. Also, the Woodpecker has 3 different models for use, being…

  • Pulse.
  • Ramping.
  • Full.

This curing light has a long-lasting battery. So you can rest assured that it won’t fail you mid-treatment.

Also, there’s no need to recharge it. It works with a disposable battery. So you don’t need an adapter. And there is no waiting time before you can use the light again!

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