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Characteristics Of Wood Plank Flooring


“Have you ever felt an aesthetic pleasure while stepping on a wood plank floor?”

Statistics say that houses with wood plank flooring attract customers all the time. They are naturally at the top when it comes to the popularity charts!

Wood planks are commonly made from solid hardwood. The appeal, use and years of proven durability are what make them so unique. Be it for a commercial place or your brand new house. Hardwood floors are what complete that one missing element to make every space standout. Especially in modern times, their demand has increased more than ever before. This can be attributed to the fact that now the focus is more on the design, quality and sophistication.

If you are someone who is confused among the many choices for flooring, this article is for you!

Let’s look into the details about wood planks from junckershardwood.com, the advantages and types best for your needs!

What are the characteristics of wood plank flooring? How are they installed?

As mentioned earlier, wood plank flooring is made from hardwood. The solid hardwood plank thickness varies and is usually around 18-22 mm thick. Different options are available in terms of wood quality. These, in turn, determine the sustainability and approximate costs of flooring.

Hardwood floor installation needs careful handling for the best results. The hardness and water resistivity are also factors to be considered. The harder and more resistant the wood, the higher is its durability through all conditions. The best thing, however, is that refining and sanding can give your hardwood floors an all-new look. That just adds a silver lining to your wood plank floors – not only will they beautify places and last long, but they can also be restored to an all-new appearance!

There are also different methods to install wood plank floors. Depending on the working structures of the company, different processes can be used. The initial stage is to repair any moisture or humidity imbalances in or near the area of flooring. This is followed by setting the planks after all the prior setting is done. Nailing, stapling, glueing, placing over the subfloor, etc. are some of the methods. But it depends on the company you choose.

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Wood plank flooring – their advantages:

Hardwood flooring makes the ideal fit for any location. From a cosy living room and the bedroom to the office floor or the comfort of a cafe – wood plank flooring looks the best. Some other advantages are:

Very easy to clean:

Hardwood floors come with a benefit that they have very little dirt and dust accumulation. This makes cleaning very easy and reduces the hassle of maintenance. Considering the packed up schedules of today’s life, having a house floor that requires minimal cleaning is the perfect option.

Long term benefits:

Hardwood plank quality and longevity are assured both by sellers and customers. They can withstand a lot of foot traffic for years and still provide an aura of warmth and beauty in the house or elsewhere. The option for restoration after generations of use is another primary advantage.

Acoustics and air quality:

Wood plank flooring cuts out hollow vibrations. This provides a better sound quality inside. Also, in the absence of any fibers or dust and pollen in the flooring material – the air quality is great indoors. The prospect of allergies or diseases can ultimately be done away with.

Various options:

Anything that comes with many options to choose from is sure to provide rewarding services. With multiple options to compare and choose from, you are sure to find the best wood flooring.

What are the wood plank flooring types?

Let’s get into some options for getting a plank floor from junckershardwood.com:

Oak and Oak Boulevard
Warm, aesthetic looks; Variations and irregularities between the planks.

Black Oak and Black Oak Boulevard
Dark brown colour, excellent durability and looks.

Oak Nordic and Oak Nordic Boulevard
Rustic appearance, glow and lighter tones.

Oak Raw Sugar
Transparent, Light brown stains with medium irregularities.

Oak Wild Hazel
The tone is similar to oak with brown stains.

Similarly, there are several other options like Oak Smooth Rum, Oak Spicy Pepper, Oak Dark Coco, pearl, grey and different kinds of textured oak wood planks.

The best place to get your flooring done is the one with authentic and trustworthy services. The wood qualities sold, installation process and after-sales services are all equally important.

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