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Cooking Simulator: A Beginners Guide on the Kitchen


Having a dream to become a 5-star Chef? Then, the answer is here! The long-anticipated PlayWay Cooking Simulator is now paving its way to the gaming community.

It was released on June 6, 2019, on different gaming store (online and physical stores) around the world. This game is making passionate players go crazy from every corner of the world today. It is a change of pace from the usual survival, shooting, and arcade pc games that you’re currently playing.

If you want to become a cooking expert and master this exciting simulator, then you must first read this article to know some important details you’ll be needing during the game.

Below are some beginners tips to run your kitchen in Cooking Simulator. But first things first, download and install the game before you can proceed with the following tips below. Click Cooking Simulator download for more detailed how-tos instruction.

  1. Keep Away the Liquids: Don’t Pour in the Sink

You must keep your kitchen neat and clean during the game. Because having a dirty kitchen can cause harmful effects on the entire duration of the game. Besides, most of the players are enjoying their kitchen space neat and tidy. Do not pour any unused liquids in the sink, because sinks are the most difficult to clean areas in the kitchen.

To avoid this, just simply throw your liquid and trash in the garbage bin for a quick cleanup.

  1. Tightly Closed Your Spices Lid

One of the most frequently used tools in this cooking simulator game is the spices. You just need to keep these close all the time. Most of the players used to organize their spices by color, and simply put them near in their cooktops.

  1. Don’t Worry, Food Doesn’t Spoil!

Foods in Cooking Simulator doesn’t spoil. It means you can take advantage of this by not wasting any moment in the kitchen. If you don’t feel like cleaning up, but new dishes for the day is filling up, you can start preparing meals for the next day.

And don’t worry since food doesn’t spoil in the game, then it’s 100% safe and no harm can be done during the entire process of the game.

  1. Reheat the Food, but It Has Limitations

You’ll be needing to reheat the food if the meal was prepared the day before. And fortunately, there’s an available option for you to reheat it.

Don’t use plates or bowls to reheat the food in the microwave. Actually, you can reheat it using those utensils, however, it’ll only lead to a total big mess. Instead of using these utensils, you can use metal dishes in the microwave (don’t do this in the real microwave, it’s prohibited!).

Don’t heat the food too much, it can result from missing out the perfect temperature for the food. Instead, reheat it for only 30 seconds to one minute on the medium setting, and food will be ready.

Ready to play this Cooking Simulator game for free? Visit cooking simulator gameplay for more info. Have fun chefs!

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