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Event Trends That Will Change the Path of Events in 2019


Modern technology is evolving progressively, which is just not effecting on routine life, development in Technology is changing the shape of every business, even the path of events has been changed because of technology impact on events.

The worldwide events industry is increasing every year. Events are becoming very famous and powerful tool for company sales and brand identity. Business organization organizes the events for their product launch, for revenue generation,     etc. Companies organize different types of events such as, Meeting conferences, Product exhibition, Company trade show, Training workshops about the training of company products, Grand opening, etc.

According to research by IBISWorld (Industry Market Research, Reports, & Statistics) US, the event expert’s industry earned $4.3 billion in revenue in 2014, which was a 6% growrather than the previous year with 2015 trending to earn $4.5 billion and revenue is increasing every year. The Event industry provides to both corporate and individual clients, each of which ask for various services and is affected by differentaspects.

Event with iPad/Mobile & other electronic device

IPad/Mobile technology gives the facility to everyone to get the information from anywhere in the world at any time. IPad & mobile technology changed the model of Event strategy. Therefore, companies need IPad for every attendee in their event, people want to communicate with each other in every platform through social media and other online platforms. Company could hire IPad from IPad hire  companies at a very low rates for their events.

Event with Virtual reality

People from every field of life gets benefit from the Virtual reality. But especially the industry is effected from the virtual reality is the event industry. The event trend has been changed because of Virtual reality and Augmented reality. Event organizers can communicate with their attendees on a level above a typical ways.Virtual reality is growing popular into the long distance event attendee, who are unable to attend the event physically. But with the live streaming of virtual reality Attendee will watch 360 degree view of the event.

But don’t forget, approximately 94% of peoples have accounts on social media and they use it. They are active on social media through IPad and other related technology devices. Therefore company should must provide them iPad and related technology in their events If a company doesn’t have IPad. They should hire IPad from IPad rental Companies for short terms of the period.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is also very useful for business organizations to engage with their customers in events. But it’s veryimportant to understand where AI will help you for your problems in the event. The technology with Artificial intelligenceboosts business procedures to build thetrust of the attendee on your company and engage in your event, and successivelygrow the revenue. AI used to enhanced, attendee experience with more effectivecommunications that will be very successful for business organizations events. Chatbots are also an example of Artificial intelligence.

Use chatbots forEnhance the experience of attendees

Customer service plays a key role in aneminence attendee experience. Therefore, many international business organizations starting to use AI chatbots at their events, tradeshows, and meetings.

Through chatbots they can answer the queries of attendees in their events.

Advantages of the chatbots:

  • Chatbots could work 24/7 in a whole year, Distinct from event staff. So whenever attendee asked the question from across the world about an event, chatbots could easilygive them assistance, while the company support team is sleeping.
  • You don’t need any extra staff for the common queries of attendees, Chatbots could easily assist them in effective way.

In the near future, chatbots will be capable to understand the data which they will get from attendees’ social media   information and chatbots will use themand will make thesignificant recommendations for every attendee in an event, such as people meeting with each other, and conference meetings to attend, and product which will support to their interest.  Because of technology the path of event is changing progressively.

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