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Facebook Establishing “slingshot” For Video Calling


At present Facebook is used so many people for video chat, audio chat, connecting different social media networks. Facebook now connects with a number of users throughout the world. At present face book is building up the app for the video-chat, officially which is called as Slingshot. Facebook is developing this Slingshot after failure of the starting up the messaging for snap chat. The financial times stated these words on Sunday.

Now a day’s face book is operating by many of people for sharing the video conversation between the people. So video-chat app is developed to share the information between people. That video-chat also has the feature of sending short video messages through using of touch screen in the mobile. It is very comfortable for the Facebook users, also fully associated with the Facebook users.

Facebook is planning to introduce this app in this month. This app development process is still going on for the last two months. As per the FT said this app is available in the online by this month end.

By the last year in November facebook tried to produce snap cheat, but it is failing to produce it. Snap chat is filled with around 5 million people registering daily, so that is why which is not coming under the development. While notation of the Facebook is compulsory decide, and it is not for using purpose by the establishing of this app.

Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive at the Facebook has been realizing that “most-confidential”, after completion of the project social network company was difficult to win the creators in the snap chat. As per the Financial Times said, Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy take off the $3 billion offers by the last year.

Facebook chief may also announce that decide to launch the new app, this app development is going on till now. Only this is not the first try at all for the snap chat challenge. Recently face book bring in whatsApp for the $19bllion in February. This app is very near to connect all people. And whatsApp is used to allowance of user in the online, connect so many users.

The snap chat is very famous to the teenagers and can send the photos in the Smartphone, but actually that will go away after some time. And this is the disadvantage with the snap chat. The people who are involved to develop the app ‘slingshot’ hope that, this is going to comfortable to the users.

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