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Not everyone is born equal. That is something that is clearly seen by every person in the world Even twins have something that makes them different from another. Each person has unique distinct features that make them special from one another. This can be quantified to their race, color, sex, facial features, and yes, even their disabilities.

A person is still a person regardless of their limits when it comes to basic constructs and senses. And deaf people are no exception. They are still capable of showing love and having the capacity to change the world despite their hearing disability. Their shortcomings are what make them special. It is not their weakness but rather their most unique character trait.

That is why we showcase our love for those children who are striving to make something of themselves. Regardless of their hearing disability, they are constantly doing their best to fit in with everyday society. That is why we should extend our hand in helping them achieve their goals with The Sheperd Centre.

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Hearing Disability – Deaf

A hearing disability is a person that has some degree of trouble when it comes to listening. This is not due to them not wanting to listen but rather them being incapable of hearing some sounds. A person with a hearing disability does not automatically equate to being completely deaf.

There are those people that are hearing impaired but are still considered to be diagnosed with a hearing disability. Therefore, you should never automatically assume a person is deaf if they have a hearing disability.

Although their hearing may be minimal to none, there are more ways than one to communicate with them. There are more traditional ways such as writing or miming the thing that you want to express. Or you can actually attend and learn some sign language to better communicate with them.

This is something that you can easily learn by taking some time off with some volunteer work. A child’s mind is some of the most interesting things to delve on. That is why you would want to communicate with them even though they might not be able to communicate the same to you.

You can donate both your time and some spare cash that you have in pursuit of this charity’s goal of giving education to all deaf children. This could help start them on the right journey in learning how to produce the right speech pathology. In addition, The Shepherd Centre also has a listen for a literacy program for young children to better what little hearing they have. These programs can help make a deaf child have a better future for his or her life.

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