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How to Build a Solid PC Gaming Setup on a Budget


PC gaming is a great pastime that can help people build bonds and could even be turned into a career. One thing we can’t say about PC gaming, however, is that it is cheap.

It’s not uncommon for gamers to spend well over $3000 on a gaming setup, and some will spend even more if they have very specific needs. But you should know that you don’t need to spend anywhere that much money to enjoy yourself or be competitive. Here’s how you can build a solid PC gaming setup on a budget.

Be Creative when Buying Furniture

Gaming furniture is more expensive than regular furniture largely because of the branding. Sure, a gaming chair might have neat features like USB ports and Bluetooth headrest speakers, but they’re almost identical to your average office chair. The same goes for desks.

So instead of going for a gaming chair or desk, go for good quality office furniture instead. Also, look in your area if offices are trying to unload some of their stuff. Places like Craigslist are perfect for this, and you could find stuff that is almost brand new. Try to find deals there and be open to buying second-hand from individuals as well.

Look for Seasonal Deals

Some months of the year are better for buying gaming PCs and accessories and you need to know what those are. The beginning of fall is one of those times and tons of manufacturers are offering deals at the moment. Lenovo, for instance, is currently having a sale on tons of items, so you should view deals at lenovo.com right now and see if there’s something you like.

Other great times to buy PC gaming gear is in the middle of spring when new equipment is being introduced, back-to-school time, and LaborDay weekend.

Have the PC Built or Build One Yourself

You also have the option of having a PC custom built or building one yourself. You do have to be very careful before you take any of those routes, however.

If you decide to have the PC built, make sure that you get it from a reputable seller and that you will have a warranty on the components and the build. And, if you want to build the PC yourself, make sure that you have the skills needed. You could easily make a silly mistake that fries up your whole system and pushes you to spend even more. So, make sure that you’ve done more than just watch a few YouTube builds and know everything that could go wrong so you can avoid it.

Be Modest

You should also know that you don’t need to have the latest Radeon or AMD card to enjoy games. Most games aren’t made with these cards in mind, and there’s no point in getting a card that supports ray tracing when almost no games use it. Take a look at the games you want to play and what you’ll need to run them on mid to lower settings.


PC gaming can get expensive, no doubt about it, butif you’re smart with your decisions, you could get a very decent machine on the cheap. Knowing how the industry works will also help you make better choices and allow you to avoid overspending on superfluous features.

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