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Instances When You Should Get a Lawyer


There are many advantages to getting a professional lawyer to help you with personal injury claims. At times, the complexity of the process makes it even necessary. The insurance company may refuse to accept liabilities and leave you dry. Hire an Injury lawyer near me to make sure you get your fair bit of compensation for the damages suffered.

Now the question arises, in which cases should you hire a lawyer? Because not all cases are strong enough to catch an attorney’s attention. Read on to find out!

1- Adverse injuries resulting in permanent damage

Some injuries can be fatal and leave you handicapped for years or even worse – permanently! No one can put a price tag on such loss. Thus, lawyers try to bag as much as they possibly can to meet your needs.

If you try to take on the insurance companies on your own, there are several traps you would need to avoid. The lack of experience shall make you prone to tricks the big companies play to protect their own interests. With an injury lawyer near me, however, the field is even, and you have an equal chance of winning.

2- Severe Injuries

The amount of medical compensation you receive is directly based on the extent of your injuries. And this extent is measured by how much the hospital bills you. Also taken into account is the time it takes for you to recover, types of injuries sustained, etc.

As such, it is helpful to have a lawyer who shall accurately present these details to the table and negotiate a settlement to the highest degree possible.

3- Medical Malpractice

Hospital’s negligence may also be a cause for your injuries. Doctors or nurses may be incompetent or inadequately skilled to treat you. In such cases, you would be looking to file a malpractice claim. The rules involved and relevant laws are hard for a layperson to understand.

An attorney specializing in medical malpractice cases would be required in these situations.

4- Exposure to toxicity

The usage of chemicals is increasing at a rapid rate. Unsafe work environments where employees get exposed to air, the water or soil contaminants often result in them developing diseases. These claims require concrete pieces of evidence backed by scientific data. And the said evidence is hard to acquire, as the companies go out of their way putting walls up to avoid legal exposure.

An attorney with expertise can easily find ways to penetrate their ranks and find out the truth about the toxicity.

5- When Insurance Company denies Liability

This is perhaps the most common cause one looks for Injury lawyer near me. And for a good reason – insurance companies have experts looking into the matter, why shouldn’t you! The very threat of legal action is often enough to make the agencies settle. However, if things turn out to be complicated and move to trial, having a lawyer is a must for taking care of the proceedings.

There are several cases involving severe or permanent injuries where insurance companies refuse to provide fair compensation in good faith. That’s when a lawyer comes in. With his or her expertise and knowledge, you can sure to expect a satisfactory settlement or compensation. On your end, make sure to provide the attorney with as much info as possible.

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Caroline Watson

Hey there, I am an attorney currently working at Goldman Co. of New York City. I specialize in cases of personal injury caused by accidents and toxic exposure. Occasionally, I write pieces like these to help people get the help they deserve.

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