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Intercom Installation


Installing a home or office intercom system requires more than just a few skills as the majority of customers may think.

First, you need to select a location for the Master Station.

Master Station is the place where you will be able to control all the Intercom System.

It contains the electronic circuit for voice and video communications.

Also, if you are planning to use the intercom wirelessly, you will have to arrange a dependable internet for WiFi from providers such as Spectrum Internet or some other dependable ISP.

After determining where the master station will be installed and other details such as the size and shape of the hole inside the wall, you will connect the master station to your home electrical system.

At this point, we strongly advise asking for the help of an expert to avoid risks with electricity.

Make sure all the connections and cables are hidden to avoid affecting your home decoration.

To put everything working and with a nice layout, you will need a professional project. This is wherean Intercom System’s company is necessary.

The outdoor substation is usually located in the front door and includes the doorbell buttons.

This station needs to be connected to the open/closed door system to allow you to open the door after the communication with the user.

You may alsowant to install more inside substations, in the kitchen, children’s room, dining room or in your office.Before that, you need to choose the kind of Intercom System you will use.

Will it be just an audio/video communicator or a modern wifi system? Each will require different kinds of installation.

Nearly every type of intercom system is relatively easy to set up, but the wifi system has the advantage of not having to worry about hiding cables. When adding more substations to your systems, always make sure the master station is disconnected fromelectricity during the installation, you can restorethe power circuit and check if it is everything ok right after the new installation.

All these steps show us the importance of having a professional installation. These days we can notice a huge market of counterfeit Intercom Systems, very cheap and easy to buy over the internet.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have the required electrical or engineering skills, your installation will not be perfect and you will take unnecessary risks. With poor quality material, you may cause a fire at your home or office.

Sometimes is necessary to spend a little bit more, in order to have safety and a quality system.

When hiring a professional company, you will also be covered when repairing is needed.

Don’t waste your time trying to understand what is the problem with your intercom system, or trying to fix it by yourself. A lot of issues often start with poor installation, you may think you can save some money DIY at some point but it may cost you a lot in the future.

As we said above, most common Intercom problems such as no video image of the caller or no audible speech on handsets can be fixed with just one tech visit.

So, don’t hesitate to hire a specialized company.

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