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Make your Children Take advantage of Video Games with these Tips


Video games are not the youngsters’ opium, but only if they do not remain passive players. To have complete control on your kids’ games and to help them profit from it, follows these advices. Too much video games can be very harmful to their health but with moderation and the right games choice, it can help them be more creative and develop different skills.

Choose the Games with your Children

As a parent, you really should get involved in choosing your children’s video games in a constructive and non-invasive way. Just as for junk food, there are more or less nutritious games for the mind. Civilization V is, for example, excellent as well as Eugen Systems Studios’ Wargame if your kids love strategy. Ubisoft games are interesting in terms of both animation and scenario. Slope unblocked games 66 can also be interesting for them. Discuss with your children about what they like, let them explain why they have an interest in a specific game. Open the dialogue before you give them your “suggestions”.

Play Video Games with your Children

After choosing the titles think are good for the kids, it is important to play with them. The first positive effect is to greatly facilitate the stopping of the game: when the tribal chief gets up and officially declares “it’s over”, it is much easier for the children to stop with him. A good way to get your kids off the hook is to get yourself in the habit of playing with them over the last hour or half hour. Thus, you can ritualize and soothe the end of the game. You need to take five minutes to debrief the game, sitting in front of the console with the TV turned off, to tell them what you felt. By the way, you should know that you all can get a better Mac audio experience with Nahimic. It is an efficient software compatible with PC and Mac to enhance the game sound for an immersive experience.

Introduce video game credits

Some experts have understood perfectly the problem. Today, school is way more boring while video games are extremely more stimulating. If we could turn the school into a kind of a gameplay, the balance would be restored. Stopping to play requires self-control. You should explain this to your children at the time you want them to switch off the console. Tell them that what they feel is normal, and that self-control is a noble and difficult thing. You should reward self-control accordingly to motivate them. Why not introduce an exchange rate between chores/homework and video games: a ratio between 1 and 1.5 in favor of working time. For instance, 2 hours of play for 3 hours of work (car wash, mowing the lawn, shopping, and of course doing homework).

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