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Maths model- an interactive way to learn maths


We recognize mathematics as a subject of calculation, quantity, and arrangements but when we observe keenly we will find that mathematics is present in almost every aspect of our daily life including finance, architecture, craft, engineering, and various other skills. Today’s students and parents are very much aware of the importance of this subject. Due to high scoring probabilities, students pay special attention to learn and score more in this subject.

Formulation of study material for 10th class maths

Mathematics in class 10th is a combination of trigonometry, geometry, algebra, and concept of numbers. These topics are conceptual and will also figure in the aptitude-based test sections of the various competitive exams in the future. Scoring good marks in class 10 exam is a very important milestone for every aspirant. Hence, students must keep the following points in their minds while accumulating 10th class maths study material.

  • Refer an online platform to download concise study material. Some platform provides step by step and well-planned subject material from the exam point of view.
  • Maintain formulas/concept sheets.
  • Classify the topics in strong and weak areas and provide extra time for the topics which you find difficult to solve.
  • Solve at least one problem related to each formula/concept.
  • Always refer books of authorized publications or which is recommended by your maths teacher.
  • Make a separate list for the topics which are frequently asked in exams

Importance of Maths model

The best way to study and understand the very typical and tough concept of maths is to relate it to real life. Maths model can be a helpful way to express mathematics related theorem in a simple manner by showing it physically. In the 21st century, new generations are seeking an interactive way of learning which must be engaging and make learning easier. Because of this CBSE board has included project and real model-based learning programs. Students can get project ideas from their school teachers and internet sources. Including maths model in 10th class maths study material gives the following benefits to student

  • Maths will become interesting and the fear of maths will vanish.
  • As rote learning is not effective in the case of mathematics, with the help of maths model teachers can convey maths education in a more sensible and interesting way.
  • Maths related projects will enhance the problem-solving abilities of the student and make them relate the mathematics problem with real life.
  • Students will involve in planning and will think more critically hence their reasoning ability will improve.


As mathematics is a conceptual subject, it requires a better understanding of the basic concepts to tackle advanced and challenging problems. Marks of class 10th examination, especially in mathematics plays a very important role if a student wants to opt for mathematics for further studies in higher classes. Also, in some schools, the standard of mathematics teachers is terribly poor because of which the students get affected. An effective maths model for class 10 CBSE will be very helpful in this case.

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