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Questions To Get Answers Regarding Drinking Driving Cases


Getting arrested for drunk driving isn’t fun. It’s, in fact, an awful and terrible experience that’s commonly associated with different undesirable emotions. Overthinking during this moment can make you lose focus. And as you know, when you lose focus, you won’t handle matters with serenity and chances are high you won’t even think about hiring the best drink driving solicitor. Don’t tense, just stay calm. Try to ponder on the questions we have outlined below and you will find valid answers to the questions bombarding you.

Can I lose my Driving License due to Dui Offense?

DUI cases are rough and tough. For drivers who have committed the same offense severally in the past, chances are high they will lose their driving licenses. As for drivers who have kept a clean record, they are sure to keep their licenses but may be prohibited from driving for up to 365 days if their blood alcohol content was higher than 0.17%. For drivers whose blood alcohol content was lower than 0.17% at the time of arrest, their licenses won’t be revoked and they won’t be put on probation.

Do You Need A Drink Driving Solicitor?

The answer to this question is an absolute yes. Trying to navigate through the complex legal procedures on your own will increase the risk of your license being revoked, being jailed, or even paying a higher fine. The best-drunk driving solicitors are acquainted with the legal issues related to drink driving cases. They will come up with strong evidence and defense to give you the hope of keeping your license and paying lower fines if need be.

Can You Go to Jail For Drunk Driving?

Most drunk driving cases are settled by paying fines. That doesn’t mean people charged with drink driving cases can’t be jailed. As a matter of fact, there are chances that you will be jailed if the records show that you have been charged with similar cases in the past. You may as well be jailed if your blood alcohol concentration was higher than 0.17% during the time of arrest. For first time offenders, there are very low chances you will be jailed. However, drivers who blood alcohol content was higher than the recommended content may be jailed for 180 days maximum.

Anyone charged with drink driving should be ready to face the consequences of their actions if they don’t take the right steps to secure the services of a professional drink driving solicitor. The law won’t be pleasant on you if you decide to handle the drink driving case on your own. You are surely going to experience tough and rough moments in the hands of the law enforces. Getting a qualified legal professional can help solve all those problems and grant you a chance to get a fair judgment.

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