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To go fishing, it does not depend on the type of boat that we select, that is, we can fish both in a canoe and in a Riva type boat, but if we want to buy a fishing boat to go out to practice our favorite sport, we will see which They are the most suitable for this.

If fishing excites us and is our greatest hobby, it is reasonable that we select a boat to be able to enjoy the safest, most enjoyable and at the same time effective way. There are a lot of models of fishing boats from which we can choose, each one has its specific characteristics and we have to know the details before making the decision.

The market to buy a fishing boat offers a huge variety of boats. From the hawaiiancanoes.com, equipped with accessories for fishing with angling or small open boats that have electric outboard motors that do not make noise, or small cabin boats with a large bathtub specific for coastal fishing. There are those who can afford and prefer to buy a fishing boat of great length, equipped with large fuel tanks and equipped with “combat” chairs and large rods with which to comfortably go several miles offshore in order to fish large specimens.

The budget is the first point to buy a fishing boat

To buy a fishing boat you have to be very clear about your personal budget, since acquiring a boat implies initial and subsequent expenses, which must be carefully calibrated. You can see some considerations before buying a used boat.

You must take into account the purchase price plus VAT, the registration tax for new vessels with a dimension greater than 8 m, the expenses to equip the boat, transport from the place of purchase to the destination we want. Another of the expenses is the administrative procedures of this transaction and of course, the annual expenses that this ship entails and that include the concept of insurance , mooring, beached, replacement and maintenance of damaged material, etc. All this must be included in our budget.

The length of the boat is an element that influences these previous expenses, so you have to think about the appropriate dimensions according to the needs we have and without this decision affecting the safety of the boat.

When buying a fishing boat we must look at the deck

When buying a fishing boat you have to choose between two large types of fishing boats. We have the open configuration or “center console” and there is also the configuration with a cabin known as “cuddly”, it also has the nickname “Walk around “. In both cases, it is important that the provision allows access to water easily and from anywhere on the boat. In this way, the occupants can change places and fish wherever they want easily. That is why; to buy a fishing boat we must give greater importance to the deck, rather than to the central cabin.

You can opt for a central Boston Whaler Montauk 190. This boat stands out for its center console, a configuration that allows easy access to water.

The characteristics of the hull are important for a fishing boat, this must have a solid hull, which can withstand long journeys in the open sea . Speed ​​is another important element and should allow us a fast and steady pace, for a long time without getting too wet, without being uncomfortable and without spending too much fuel. When the boat reaches the end of the crossing, it must be possible to anchor it or maintain low travel speeds, even with large waves. All this must be feasible without the boat being unstable. That is why the helmet is of great importance and the design and construction must meet those requirements.

A deep “V” helmet provides stability

To achieve stability it must be a deep V-hull. This type of helmet has an opening towards a wide and launched bow. The V-shape allows you to better control the boat and maintain stability during anchoring. We must buy a fishing boat with a deep V hull, increases autonomy and makes us spend less fuel, allows us to quickly and stably arrive at the glide speed, even loaded with people and equipment.

The capacity of the deposit is important in a fishing boat

Another of the things we have to consider when buying a fishing boat is the size of the fuel tank. A large capacity tank is highly recommended, especially if it has double or triples the capacity of a day cruiser or a similar sized boat. A tank of about 300 liters for a boat that has six or 7 meters is nothing excessive.

The embroidery rod holder is a useful element and must be well installed, with the correct orientation that allows the lines to be kept separate. It would be ideal if you had a canopy as a supplement to the stern pipes, so we can have different types of cane.

In a sport fishing boat the stern and above all the bathtub must be wide and have no obstacles, so we gain space to fish and a place to place the catches.

Deep sea fishing and coastal fishing

Artisanal fishing is known as coastal or coastal fishing, to practice it you must buy a small fishing boat. In the height, the boats are larger and are very well equipped, it is done on the high seas sailing for weeks or months. Refrigeration facilities are important since freezing is essential to conserve catches.

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