Health Strains to Use for Helping to Live with Dementia

Strains to Use for Helping to Live with Dementia


The cost of care of Alzheimer’s patients has been high on the news agenda in recent weeks, as the personal care crisis continues. Attention has turned to the potential role of certain strains of cannabis in reducing the often debilitating symptoms that Alzheimer’s patients experience.

The non-psychoactive component of cannabis (CBD) is thought to offer the best solution for medicinal patients. But, despite the usefulness of CBD, strains suitable for Alzheimer’s tend to have high concentrations of the psychoactive component of cannabis (THC).

Which strains should you focus on?

Electric Kool Aid (Hybrid)

The perfect day time strain is Electric Kool Aid. This is an Indica Hybrid which has a similar effect to Purple Diesel. The sativa tones of the strain are able to give you a boost for your mental wellbeing, and the Indica is excellent for helping you to relax.

Dutch Dragon

Dutch Dragon is a Sativa that comes highly recommended from medical professionals who specialise in the treatment of Alzheimers. This is quite a potent strain, so maybe it is best that you build up some tolerance to THC before using it for the first time, as it is characterized by an intense and persistent high. It is great for reducing feelings of depression which in turn helps to boost your mental alertness.

Acapulco Gold

Acapulco Gold tends to be used in the recreational space, but also has seen a rise in popularity to be used in the medicinal sector. This strain also has a unique and robust uplifting high, which makes users feel more and energised. Acapulco Gold is also useful for reducing chronic pain, which is in part due to the high 25% THC concentration.

Lavender Haze

Lastly, we would recommend Lavender Haze. This is ideal for use during the day. It is not as strong as other strains mentioned above, but does have an excellent euphoric effect which you will grow to love.

For more information on selecting the best strain for your Alzheimer’s symptoms, why not have an informal conversation with your local dispensary, who would be able to help you select a strain that is ideal for your own personal needs. You can search for your nearest dispensary using the dispensary near me tool on –


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