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The Many Roles of a Funeral Director


The local funeral director is typically a family run business that is an integral part of the local community, and they have a unique set of skills to ensure that the grieving family don’t have to worry about the funeral arrangements. We all react differently to a sudden loss, and some people are not able to fully function, and in such cases, the funeral director will take the lead and advise accordingly. The funeral director can deal with:

  • The administrative duties – Helping with the Death Certificate, funerals in Shepton Mallet are facilitated by the local funeral director, who happens to be a person of standing within the community. The funeral director knows the procedure and he will advise every step of the way, and do as much as is required.
  • Obituaries – Very often, the family do now wish to deal with this at the time, and the funeral director can ensure that obituaries are published in chosen publications.
  • Organising the Funeral Service – It could be a religious service, or perhaps the deceased was not a religious type, in which case a humanist service can be arranged. The funeral director might also send the invitations, and arrange for flowers, which is all part of the role of a funeral director.
  • The Chapel of Rest – Many people prefer to have the deceased stay in the Chapel of Rest prior to the burial or cremation, and the funeral director would have a private chapel for their clients to use.

In the event you have a passing in the family, contact your local funeral director, who can help you in many ways.

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