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Tips for Growing Your Medicinal Strains


Growing cannabis outside can be a little trickier than growing cannabis indoors, especially for a recreational grower. Don’t expect to just chuck a few seeds in your garden and wait for a great yield. To maximize the chances of a successful grow from the start, many growers would recommend and advise that you use autoflower seeds. Sure, your first grow will not be the best. It’s important to gradually build up your experience and over time, you will become a dab hand at growing cannabis. Here is some advice that we would pass on to first time growers.

Growing Your Cannabis in the Best Soil Possible

Crucial to the success of your grow is to plant your seeds in soil that is suitable for growing cannabis. Before planting, make sure you analyse the soil to check how acidic or alkaline it is. If you find that the soil you are look to grow in is a little acidic, we would recommend you add some lime (which is alkaline) to neutralize the soil and thus, decrease the acidity. If you find the soil is too alkaline, it is recommended that you add sulphur to neutralize the soil and reduce alkalinity.

Not only this, checking the consistency of the soil is also vitally important. If you find that your soil is too sandy, the plants may struggle to obtain enough moisture, as the water could drain away. On the opposite end of the scale, if the soil is quite clay like, there could be a little too much moisture for growing cannabis. The best soil for growing cannabis is soil that is quite sandy with silt. A good ratio to use is 40-40-20 for silt, sand and clay.

Choosing the Right Strain

If you have a strain in mind to grow, we would recommend that you check whether it can indeed be grown outdoors, as not all strains are suitable. The likely success of growing a particular strain will depend on your climate. If you live in a cooler climate where summers are quite short, there will only be a few strains that will be suitable to be grown outside. Don’t worry though, more and more hardy strains are being developed to be grown outside. For those of you who live in a warmer climate, there will be a lot more strains that you can grow outside – like hazes and long flowering strains.

For more information on what seeds to use, check out https://www.anubis-seeds.co.uk, who have a wide range of seeds available.

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