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Tips to Select Speaker stands


You bought a new speaker from a local or an online store like 10speakers.com but remember that without a top-quality sound speaker, your sound system would be useless. To make use of your speaker to its full potential, you will need a speaker stand. You can make sure that your sound system will create a good sound, you can invest in a good sound speaker stand.

What Are Speaker Stands?

A speaker stand is a mounting device intended for the speaker. The stand allows you to aim the sound in a direction that makes it of much better quality to the audience. A speaker stands also enables you to adjust the speaker at the best height for it to sound better and to make it easier for the audience to hear. With a speaker stand, the speaker’s sound can be heard at all levels. 

What Are Its Benefits?

This can be the best audio accessory to have that will complement your speakers. This is because of the certain benefits it provides.

Listening Height

Be sure that you place your speaker stand at the ear level. This will enable you to hear the higher pitches more clearly without damaging your ears. That is why it is crucial for you to look for a speaker stand that comes with an adjustable height setting. This will make it easier to adjust to the height of any user.

General Sound Quality

The main benefit of a speaker stand is the improvement of sound quality.  By placing it to the ear level, the stand allows you to hear the sound more clearly and fully. Placing the speaker on a stand will also avoid picking up vibrations from the surroundings which is usually when the speaker is placed on a table or desk.

Bass Sound Quality

Without speaker stands, the bass sound of the music may sound blurred. This affects the sound’s colors and prevents the listener from hearing the optimal sound quality o the music.

By using a good quality speaker stand, the user can easily tighten up the bass sound. Doing so will make the middle pitches sound clearer and more defined. It’s safe to say that a speaker stand makes the bass play at a normal rate.


Studio engineers would love to have a speaker stand that will make the recording process easier with fewer hassles since it allows the user to find the pitch of his or her voice and correct this to produce the best quality output. 

Worth Bragging Speakers

Through a speaker stand your speakers will be aesthetically displayed by putting it in a heightened spot. It will be easier for you to see the speaker even from afar. It makes it easy for you to show off your top-of-the-line speakers when you have company. This will also give the impression that you are serious about sound quality. 

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