General Top 5 Chinese restaurants Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Top 5 Chinese restaurants Fort Collins, Colorado, USA


Food lovers and even bloggers are always on a lookout to taste different cuisines which belong to different cultures and countries. Their urge for a great multi cuisine lunch or dinner is fulfilled by the chefs who have years of experience in preparation of such dishes. Moreover, in the recent times people have created a taste for Chinese food which is known for its amazing taste and varieties.

Top 5 Chinese restaurants Fort Collins, Colorado, USA are:

  1. Sally’s kitchen:

Though situated in a gas station, Sally’s kitchen is one of the best family restaurant which serves Chinese food to its customers. Fast service with authentic Chinese cuisines is the USP for this restaurant. Food critics have the best reviews for this place. People are impressed by the friendly and hardworking staff which works and prepares the best Chinese food in the town. Garlic avocado with lime rice chicken is the best dish served at the restaurant.

  1. Hunan Chinese restaurant:

Hunan Chinese restaurant offers a menu loaded with delicious Chinese dishes prepared for eating in the dining room or for takeout. Customers can look forward to a great evening and choose from a great variety of tea flavors available at the restaurant. One can reserve a table in advance to save oneself from any inconvenience. Happy and satisfied customers praise the gluten free Chinese cuisines which makes the restaurant a great place for a healthy meal.

  1. Young’s Cafe Vietnamese Cuisine:

It is one of the oldest establishments in Fort Collins which serves great Chinese and Vietnamese food to its customers. One can enjoy his/her evening by sitting at the outdoor tables specially arranged for a great experience. It offers an extensive menu filled with great dishes and a separate section for today’s special. Lemongrass seafood soup and pan fried dumplings is the best combination served at the restaurant. Apart from the amazing dishes offered, the restaurant also has a wheelchair accessible seating arrangement for disabled customers.

  1. Yung’s Chinese:

Famous among college students and customers looking for a quick bite, Yung’s Chinese is the best joint for Chinese cuisines in the town. This place even offers takeout and late night deliveries to the nearby locations at no extra cost. Egg rolls, Sesame chicken and beef broccoli are the most tried and test dishes of the place. Fresh vegetables and authentic ingredients are used for preparation of dishes. The only drawback is the use of plastic takeout containers which are being replaced with more eco-friendly options by the restaurant owners.

  1. Hot Wok cafe:

Considered to be the only place in Fort Collins which serves thick and consistent hot and sour soup, Hot Wok cafe is a must visit restaurant by anyone who loves Chinese soup. Kung Pao chicken, a staple Chinese dish, is its specialty prepared using authentic spices and meat. On the whole, an affordable place which not so fancy and is great for a quick bite.

One must include one of the above highest rated Chinese restaurants Fort Collins, co in their to-go-list and be ready to relish some of the great Chinese dishes offered by the restaurants.

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