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Try to avoid these 5 Mistakes while managing diabetes


Diabetes is a complicated disease and to make matters worse people are made to believe on some inaccurate information that they absorb. As per the best dietitian in India, Sheela Seharawat, people with diabetes or diabetics need to have proper information about the disease and these information are valuable to them in order to live a normal live.

The biggest challenge with diabetes is that it is progressive, causing no symptoms and ticking at the back like a time bomb, waiting to explode. It seriously damages other organs of the body if not taken proper care of with precautions from the word go. It is quite unbelievable to read that diabetes in one of the most widely spread disease around the world and every year millions are getting added to the statistics.

But the good news is, that it is possible to prevent and also heal pre-diabetes and diabetes naturally with nutrition, diet and exercise.

Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes while managing diabetes and advice to avoid the, from the best dietitian in Delhi:

  • Not having sufficient knowledge of diabetes

This is one of the biggest mistake that people make with diabetes. They gather and get information from unreliable sources, magazines and internet and start believing on them, rather than consulting in details from an experienced medical practitioner.

These are some of them:

  • Diabetics often believe that their doctor knows everything and they hardly take steps to cross check them with other experts. It might be true that a certified medical practitioner is the best person to consult, but his or her knowledge might be age old and in the present world, medial and human science is advancing day by day. You must know that what works for one, might not work for someone else.
  • Diabetes is under control as soon as it stops showing any symptom.
  • Medications will be working as blood sugar levels are well under control.

Always get the maximum information possible about the disease. Try to consult with the maximum number of people as possible about the diseases and get as much information as possible from all possible reliable sources.

  • Overlooking symptoms and denying them

This is the nest biggest mistake made by diabetics. And it won’t be wrong of we day that it is the easiest thing to do. Overlooking any negative signals from the body and not discussing the same with the doctor could be the first step to welcome the bigger problem in the coming. After something serious has happened, even a doctor might not be able to do anything at a later stage.

Never deny or overlook any sign and symptom, thinking that they are petty problems and will disappear with time.

  • Total dependence on medication

As said earlier diabetes is best managed with proper nutrition, diet and exercises. People with diabetes believe that medication is the only solution for their condition and getting better or bad is all dependent on medication. Drugs for diabetes are necessary but at the same time medicine has its own side effects that might lead to other health issues.

Drugs should be your first line of defence but should not be the only solution. Diabetes is believed to be reversed and cured with proper diet and regular exercise.

  • Believing weight loss is the prime motive and not your health

Many people with diabetes take to dieting and exercise as weight loss as their prime motive. Losing weight is not at all a bad thing. Perhaps weight gain is the prime cause of many health issues related to our lifestyle including diabetes. Whatever the reason may be, health should be your priority.

Concentration should be on…

  • Eating healthy
  • Avoiding unhealthy junk foods and other stuffs like smoke and alcohol
  • Engaging in regular physical activities
  • Not having enough carbohydrates

Carbs have earned the reputation of restricted food group for people with diabetes. It is because carbs are converted into glucose in the body for energy. All carbs are not bad. There are good ones too and avoiding them completely from the diet is avoiding many other vital nutrients that the body needs to function optimally.

The crux is about control. Go ahead and make a wise decision. Loom for the glycemic index of every food that you choose to eat. There are some that do raise your blood sugar levels but also keeps it stable and steady, whereas, there are many that immediately spikes and reaches a new high.

Diabetes is well manageable. The only thing that is needed to do so, is managing the conditions with much better knowledge and good efforts. These are just few of the most common mistakes people make when they receive a diagnosis of diabetes. If you want to control your health, don’t copy others. Take charge of your diabetes and lower your blood sugar – simply and safely.

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