General Ultimate Guide: All Questions You Need To Ask Your...

Ultimate Guide: All Questions You Need To Ask Your Wedding Caterer


Catering is one of the most important things that you will have to plan out for your wedding. There are a lot of things that your vienna caterer can provide you. In fact, many elements of the wedding, especially the reception, are directly influenced by the wedding caterer.

The wedding caterer is going to manage and ensure that everything goes smoothly for you and your guests. During your wedding, you should be as immersed as possible. Worrying about your guests and the food is something that you shouldn’t do.

Due to the number of things handled by the wedding caterer, it is important that you ensure they can work with little to no supervision except their own. This means that you will have to clear directions to get what you want.

Because of the importance of the wedding caterer, it should be a priority to ensure that everything is accounted for. Anything that you can ask, you should ask. Anything that you can delegate, you should delegate.

Below are questions that you should ask your wedding caterer when making plans and preparing for your wedding.


Can you provide catering for my wedding date?

How many weddings are you scheduled to cater on that day?

Are you planning to cater any more weddings on that date after including mine?


Have you catered weddings, or events in general, in my chosen location?

(If you don’t have a location chosen yet) Can you help select a location within this area?

Are you licensed to operate in the location of my choice?

Will I need any special permits for my wedding if I choose to go with you as my Vienna caterer?

Are you going to provide a banquet manager that can help with the coordination of the meal service?

(If the previous question is answered no) Are you going to provide the wedding with an on-site coordinator who will run the event?

Can you provide assistance or recommend any local businesses and vendors for the event design such as the wedding theme and event lighting?

Menu and Presentation

With my current budget, what would be the optimal menu?

Can you recommend any special cuisines?

Can you recommend any selections on the menu that have in season ingredients?

How flexible can my menu be? WIll I have to choose between preset selections or can I choose my preferred food individually?

Are there any packages for the food selection along with the beverages?

Do you offer any complimentary selections such as espresso machines or specialty displays?

Can I customize the complimentary selections or are there preset designs for them?

How much is the difference between the charges for children’s meals and vendor meals?

Do you do wedding cakes? Will there be any extra fees added or is it added on top of the per-person meal price?

Are food tastings free or will there be an extra charge?

How much is the rental fee for tables, chairs, linen, etc.?

(If they do not provide rental for such) Can you recommend a vendor that you have worked with in the past?

At Saint Germain Catering, we closely collaborate with our clients so things go smoothly. As a vienna caterer, we want to satisfy your gastronomic needs but more importantly, help you impress your guests’ taste buds.

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