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Understanding Types of Fishing and What You Need as First-time Angler


Fishing started over 40,000 years ago as a means of survival. It was around 2000 BCE that fishing became a sport. Fast forward to the future, fishing is now considered a hobby for many people. With this, there is a prevalence of Fishing spots in Melbourne.

If you are a first-time angler, there are many things you need to know about fishing but you should not let it overwhelm you. With the right approach, you can easily embrace it. Before anything, it can help if you know the different types of fishing. Types of fishing include the following:

  • Freshwater: most of the Fishing spots in Melbourne is freshwater. This is ideal for beginners because it requires little equipment. What’s more, it can be enjoyed from the land. You should also know that 40% of fish are freshwater variety.
  • Saltwater: this is another option for beginners. However, this type of fishing needs special equipment. You can do this from shore or from a boat.
  • Shore: you can catch fish from any shore but you have to check with local fisherman to determine the types of fishes in the area. This is to ensure that you use the right bait.
  • Fly: you need artificial flies, fly rod and reel to try fly fishing. Though it can be done in saltwater or freshwater locations, you need to learn techniques and pick up special equipment.
  • Catch and release: you can opt for catch and release fishing if you are doing it for fun or relaxation. This type of fishing should be approached with caution especially when it comes to removing the hook from the fish.
  • Canoe: if you want a day out in the water, canoe fishing is the best way to take in nature and catch some fish along the way.

Now that you know the different types of fishing, it is time to secure things you need as a first-time angler. For your first outing, you should invest in a few essential items like the following:

  • License: the first thing that you should secure is your license. However, this will depend on your area. For instance, in Queensland, Northern Territory and South Australia, you are not required to hold a fishing license. If you are in New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia, you should get licenses but they are not that expensive.
  • Rod and reel: pick a rod and reel that fits comfortably into your hand.
  • Fishing line: if you want to catch small fish, you should consider fishing line with an 8-pound test on its label.
  • Clipper: you need this for cutting the fishing line.
  • Bait: check sporting goods stores if they have live bait, which is ideal for fishing. If live bait is not an option, consider soft artificial bait.
  • Hooks and weights: there are different types of hooks and weights. If you are catching small fish, consider hooks between 6 and 10 sizes.
  • Split shots: these are small metal weights that clip to the fishing line.
  • Bobblers: bobblers are inexpensive and they float. These will tell you when fish starts to bite.
  • Pliers: you should not forget about pliers because it seeks to remove the hook from the fish.
  • Net: this is useful if you plan to release the fish.
  • Ice chest: if you want to keep your catch, you need an ice chest to keep it fresh.
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