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Wedding Venue Selection Process For A Peaceful Beginning


Wedding venues are special because they give promise of a new beginning. The venues spread the glory of the excitement of the couple. So, they need to be as delightful as possible. However, there are numerous options available and it can be tricky to pick a location. Starting from barns, ballroom, restaurant, beach or church, everything has their own perks. Perhaps, some venues relate the passion of the couple and they end up booking it. However, there are some things that the couple needs to consider before booking any wedding venue.

Planner’s Idea

A planner is a person who has planned many weddings and dealt with many guests.

  • They are much familiar with the items, layout, decorations and other aspects that are essential to make the event elegant.
  • They can search the venue based on your dream.

Guest List

It is important to have the number of guests fixed, so that you can book the place with that capacity.

  • Squeezing more people in one place might create a lot of irritation among guests.
  • Also, having a larger place with fewer guests will look like people did not want to attend your wedding.


While selecting a venue, along with the number of guests, you will have to stick to a budget.

  • There are many things that attract the vicious mind of the person. However, buying everything is not necessary and so fixing a budget is very important.
  • The wedding day needs to be the best day of your life and not the one where you regret spending a lot of money.


Decorations attract people and also help in enhancing their mood.

  • You need to make sure that if you have a theme in your mind then the venue needs to align with it.
  • The other option would be to select a theme that aligns with the colours of the venue.
  • Mismatched decorations might look clumsy and will create a negative vibe on the day of the wedding.

Thus, the wedding venue in Essex needs to align with your dream as well as your budget. There are many other things such as flowers, tables, clothing, dresses, candles, vows and food that have to align with the venue. However, these things can be fixed only after selecting a suitable location. Moreover, the wedding needs to fulfil the dream of the couple of staying together forever. So, the beginning of a new life needs to be like a fairy tale even for the people attending it.

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