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What Human Foods Are Good For Dogs And Cats?


It is not after all a “Dog and cat’s Life”, it is a dog and cat very close to you, and when that dog and cat is your pet your responsibilities would increase manifold to ensure that it lives a healthy life till the end.

You love our pet and that is the basic criteria that brought it to your home in the first place hence it is you who would have to ensure that it gets all the right nourishments to do so.

Pet dog and cats would generally eat what you would feed it and that is a very important factor which would determine its health and wellbeing right throughout its life. You need to provide the right balance of ingredients that would provide excellent overall growth, good skin, healthy fur, strong bones and all the other characteristics which would keep it healthy.

Selecting what you would feed would be very important to your pet dog and cat and to you too, because by giving the right balance of food you keep your dog and cat away from the vet. If you do not then it could be a case of shuttling very frequently to and for the vet attending to various complications which could cause anxiety and worry to you and hassles to your dog and cat. Hence it is imperative that you draw up a plan and select the foods that you would feed it and stick to the schedule so that it gets the right nourishment at the right time.

Can you give human food to do?

Yes, you can think about giving human food to your dog and it will not trigger any negative consequences. However, you need to be aware of the most appropriate human foods, which you should give to the dog. Here are some of the options available for you to consider in such a situation.



is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids and proteins. It is a tasty food and your cat and dog would love to enjoy it. Even vets encourage pet owners out there in the world to go ahead and provide salmon to their loved companions. Therefore, you can go ahead with the decision to give salmon without thinking twice.


Spinach is full of minerals and vitamins. Some of the most prominent nutrients that your pet can get out of spinach include calcium, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin K. It is one of the healthiest foods available to be given to the pet. It is a cat friendly treat and you shouldn’t worry about anything when you give it.


Eggs are another popular food that pet owners can give to the cats as well as dogs. One of the best reasons available for you to give eggs is due to the amount of protein in them. Along with that, you will also be able to provide lots of B vitamins to the pet with the help of eggs. You can find eggs as an active ingredient in many cat and dog foods available for purchase in the market.


Chicken is an excellent source of lean protein. Your dog as well as cat would love to enjoy chicken as well. However, you need to make sure that you cook chicken thoroughly before giving it to the pet. Then you can overcome all sorts of negative issues that may arise, such as upset stomach.


It may not be necessary to keep giving your dog and cat all types of supplements, vitamins and other body building vitamins and chemical ingredients when you could derive them naturally. You would need to surreptitiously slip in these foods in its meals so that it takes them in especially the vegetables and similar stuff without leaving them back in its food bowl.

Dog and cats may not like to eat some types of food which would be good for its health just like our kids who would refuse to eat the vegetables, salads etc. The idea is to ensure that they eat them and when they do, it would be a good healthy dog and cat that you would have, just like the kids at home who eat their vegetables, cereals etc.

Adding salt to your dog and cat’s food should be avoided but if your dog and cat would eat food that you would eat too, as most dog and cats in some countries would do, keep out the salt as much as possible. It is prudent to ensure that a good mixed diet is provided to your dog and cat and depending only on pre packed food, though it may be easier on you, would not be a very good practice.

If you could feed your pet dog and cat with a variety of foods and training it to eat them which could be done if it is trained from the time it was a pup, the endeavor would not be difficult. Feeding fresh foods to your dog and cat would keep it healthy, as well as strong in body and away from sicknesses and disease.

Final Words

The Pet Practice

says that there are a host of ingredients that you could feed your dog and cat but some are very important to ensure they are healthy and the widest variety of food fed to them would ensure good health. We like to see our dog and cats healthy and away for various health issues and the best way to ensure that would be a good balanced diet, exercise and a good home environment. Dog and cats that live in a home where there is peace and harmony would grow up so and it would be the opposite if they are in a home that is unstable and violent. All dog owners are therefore encouraged to take a look at these food options and go ahead with.

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