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What is the average cost of liver transplant in India?



Liver transplant is one of the most complex surgeries performed on a human body. Apart from the complexity of the procedure, other things that question the process of undergoing the treatment is the cost. It is one of the most expensive therapies that cost around 1,20,000 dollars in countries like the US and the UK. Most of the patients give up on the thought of transplantation, keeping in mind the expenses.

But, the Liver Transplant Expenses in India are very affordable. It is approximately one-third of the price of treatment in any other country. The cost of surgery usually differs from one patient to another. It is because of, the cause of the liver disorder, and accordingly, the procedure of treatment varies. No two patients can have an exactly similar medical condition. So, the patients can get the personalised quote for their surgery by consulting the surgeons for organ transplants.

Estimate Cost of Liver Transplant in India and the Factors Affecting the Price of Transplantation:

The starting cost of liver transplantation in India is USD 33,000. However, it is not a fixed cost but a variable one. Before deciding the cost of treatment for a particular patient, the surgeons analyse the overall health.

Let us know the essential factors that play a significant role in determining the average expenses involved in availing liver transplantation.

  • Cause of Liver Disease:

The liver disorders in the patient can be a result of varied reasons. Also, the signs and symptoms of the disorder can vary in the sufferer. So, the procedure followed for the recovery of the disease is different in patients. The method to accomplish treatment procedures involves variable expenses. Accordingly, the price of liver transplantation may increase or decrease.

  • The medical condition of the patient:

Before performing the surgery, the patient has to undergo several screening procedures. Also, if the patient has a medical history, the doctor suggests retaking the diagnosis process if the earlier disease has subsided entirely or it can be a problem during the transplantation.

The cost of a liver transplant is more for patients with disorders in other organs in comparison to those suffering only from liver disorders.

  • Choice of Treatment Centre and Surgeon:

Every surgeon charges variable starting from the consultation to the surgery. The difference in the cost may not be much in case of routine discussion, but, if it is about transplantation, the price can vary considerably. Also, there is a difference in the cost based on the choice of hospital. The cost of per day stay in the hospital is not standard for all. Some hospitals charge high, and it can be comparatively low in a few others.


Despite of considering all the factors affecting the cost of a liver transplant, it is possible to avail the Best Liver Transplant in India that too at a minimum possible cost. Keeping all the facilities for medical tourism and treatment available in India, almost 1 billion patients are travelling from different parts of the world.

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