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What you need to know about the Forex market


Often on the Internet can be seen attractive ads and offers on the stock exchange Forex. They often promise instant forex earning, millions of profits and little or no work. However, things are not quite so, and the real work on the stock exchange is a systematic and quite hard work. Earn Forex is realistic, but it is necessary to make certain efforts.

What is Forex currency market

In English the word – a composite comes from Foreign Exchange, «currency exchange». Foreign exchange transactions – is the foundation of the market, which operates around the clock to 2.00 Monday to Saturday 2.00.

Here, as in any other market, the process of buying and selling, but no goods and services, and currency. Principle: to buy more cheaply and then sell expensive. The difference between the buying and selling is called the margin, it is the trader’s profit.

Today, thanks to Internet technologies, have access to the Forex everyone. To be there is any profit, you need to have a fairly large initial capital. The more you invest, the more profit can get later. Of course, not everyone can provide such funds, so there are middlemen – the brokers who provide players on the stock exchange borrowings, working on the principle of “leverage”: depending on the rate, the initial capital increase. That is, when the ratio of 1: 200 your contingencies 10 000, which you invest, turn 2 000 000. But not so easy as it might seem at first glance.

How to start to make money forex trading 

  1. Gather information. Currency Forex Market – is a special world, which operates according to specific laws. These laws need to understand. To do this, you need to learn special terms, methods of working with quotes, economic cycles, and so on. Today, there are a lot of courses, videos and books on Forex on fundamental analysis of forex. 
  2. Conclusion of the contract with a broker. Brokers – the people who provide access to the currency market. It is best to contact an experienced brokers who operate on the market is not the first year. Activities brokerage office is run by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.
  3. Opening an account at a stock exchange. First, you can open a virtual, a demo account to practice, and then move to real money.
  4. Use indicators fundamental analysis in forex.

We hope that we have given you an objective picture of make money trading currency online and have formed an understanding that trade on it need some training. The main thing – it’s self-confidence and a clear action plan, which should be strictly followed, – and all will turn out.


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