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5 Amazing Locations for the Very Best Cycling Holiday


Planning a holiday? But do not wish to go for the regular holiday plan and wish to do something different from the rest. Then we advise on the cycling holiday. Over a period of time, cycling holidays have gained a lot of importance. Road Cycling Holidays are an experience of a lifetime as they offer a lot of learning and increase endurance and strength. Planning a cycling holiday is not an easy task to do a lot of things needs to be planned in advance like the location, cycle brand, accessories, location and activities. Here let us tell you about the 5 amazing locations for the cycling holiday.

  1. French Alps (riding at the altitude): This is a great destination for cycling holiday on a long weekend. There are plenty of roadside cafes to enjoy European food along with the dramatic view of forest valleys and cliffs with best roads. There are a lot of cycle-centric lodges for stays and wonderful evenings offering bar facilities.
  2. Mont Ventoux: This place is famous amongst cycling enthusiast because of cyclist Tom Simpson who passed away during his ride up Mont Ventoux for Tour De France. It can be a challenging ride so plan this route only when one is well versed with cycling. Near the summit, one can see the memorial of Tom Simpson. It can be a tarnished ride with approximately 85km of rides per day. The itinerary for this route is planned for 6 days approximately.
  3. Dubrovnik Circular: This one is for the more experienced riders. The itinerary is for 10 days with approximately 85km of ride per day. The tour starts from Dubrovnik and ends at the same place. The ride crosses the Bay of Kotor and passes through a National Park the Lovcen. On this tour, one rides on the best roads of the region and crosses the beautiful villages and vineyards.
  4. Isle of Wight: This place is made for cycling and it is a paradise for beginners as the itinerary for this place is only for nearly 3 days. While cycling in this region one can enjoy the interior lanes which are quiet enough to let you connect with nature. The steep turns at the coast roads keep that thrill alive.
  5. Finland: Yes you heard that right. Biking in Finland. This is the most sought after location for a vacation in recent years for Northern Lights, dog sledding and snowshoeing. But now the recent addition to the list is cycling. This area one can enjoy fat biking on frozen lakes and snow. Enjoy the evenings at a forest cabin with a good read.

Cycling gained importance again with rising concern for the environment amongst the masses. One can enjoy vacations at the above locations along with being environmentally friendly.

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