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Popular Fitness Apps on the Android Platform


Nothing much can be done to your body rather than to stay in shape and even working out. It removes all the low things and goes on to highlight the good things. Possession of an Android device is not going to help you in this regard, but there are a lot of Android apps that might make your task a lot easy. All these apps have gone on to become really good and you have to shell out a charge for the same.

All the apps in the market provide a unique fitness experience. Most of them are related to routine fitness activities but some go an extra mile. They are going to count your calories, what is the amount of water you need to drink daily and much more than that. The popular versions are expensive but some might not cost you a lot.

Runtastic apps

This one is a popular running app. In the last couple of years they have gone on to add a lot to their collection. This app promotes health recipes and specifies exact amount of water intake. For cycling or push ups, there are individual apps available; all this rounds off with a sleeper and an individual tracker app. All of them worked well when you tested them. There are some that have a single time cost, though in most cases they work out to be free. In these apps, there are a lot of fitness features.

MyFitness pal

This is one of the popular fitness apps on Android. A little bit of everything is part of this app and you can consider this app to be a calorie counter? This app is going to support diet, foods, and macros if you are anything into that stuff. Basically it tracks any type of exercises and then monitors your progress. Very few fitness apps in the market can match up with the depth of this app.


This is a good fitness tracker and a workout app. There is a customizable app for daily workouts and even a 6 week routine for you to get started. This app is loaded with a variety of exercises, activities and other stretches. Even it is possible to undertake a 5 minute stretch at your home or office and even followed by a full workout session once you are off. Though this app might work out to be expensive but it is flexible in terms of cost. Strava is another popular fitness app but the focus is more on running.

Now which is the best platform to download these apps? The name 9apps comes to your mind in a split second. With 9apps install, the app is free of cost and you do not have to shell a single rupee. For all the Android apps this works out to be a one stop solution. The best part about this app is that the user interface is easy as you do not need to be a technical expert to be using this app.

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