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Is Filtered Water Better For You? Find Out Here.


Our bodies need water. This is one of the basic needs that we should never take for granted. However, the water that you drink today might not be as clean and safe as it was before. This is why there are now filtered water providers. Drinking filtered water is highly recommended. So to help you understand the advantages of filtered drinking water, check out the guide below so you will have a better idea why you should check out the big springs water supplier in Australia.

Drinking Filtered Water

The effects of filtered water on health is one of the reasons why you should stop drinking tap water and serve filtered water to your family instead. There are now plenty of options when it comes to drinking water. Aside from filtered, there are also bottled, alkaline, distilled, and a lot more. That can be very confusing. But don’t worry, this article will help you decide why you should choose filtered water among the choices available for you.

Benefits Of Drinking Filtered Water

Now that you know why filtered water is much preferred, you are probably already thinking of having this Water Delivered To You. If you always make sure that you take pure and healthy water, it can greatly affect your body. Filtered drinking water can help with your nutrient absorption and skin hydration. Other than that, it can also detoxify your body to boost your overall health.

Common Elements Removed

During the water filtration process, there are common elements that are removed from the water supply. Some of these are arsenic, aluminum, DBPs, and Flouride. Each of these elements can be hazardous to health when ingested. Here’s why:

  • Aluminum. Unfiltered water can have aluminum that is considered very hazardous in the long run. Aluminum is a type of metal. Increased consumption of this element has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Other than that, it can also lead to different skin problems, liver diseases, learning disabilities in children, and a lot more.
  • Arsenic. This can usually be found in tap water. Increased consumption of this powerful carcinogenic can be linked to an increase in the risk of development of different types of cancer.
  • DBPs. These are the disinfection byproducts that are extremely harmful when ingested. This is the result of disinfecting water using chlorine which is another powerful carcinogenic element.
  • Fluoride. Even though fluoride can help improve oral health, it can also cause different health problems. Some are related to a weakened immune system as well as cellular damage that can affect the speed of aging.

Filtered Water vs Bottled Water

Nowadays, bottled water is getting more and more popular. However, the reasons to filter water still outweigh the popularity of bottled water. Water is very important for your health. And if you consider filtered drinking water, it is cheaper compared to bottled water. This is also a healthier option compared to distilled, alkaline, or vitamin-infused waters. When it comes to taste, filtered water tastes better than tap.

In addition to that, filtered water also protects our body from certain diseases that can greatly affect our health and well-being. Another thing is that you will not be throwing away used water bottle. This means that you are not the only one who benefits from filtered water, but also the environment.

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