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5 Tips To Make Your Holiday In Singapore Unforgettable


So, have you decided to spend your very first upcoming holiday in Singapore? Or, are you still finalizing plans, booking stuff, saving up for your much-needed vacation? Whatever may be the case, you need to arrange a travel budget!

Your budget depends on your travel style. If you choose to be a solo backpacker, you can save more money by staying at a hostel or cheap hotel (if you prefer privacy). You can also enjoy authentic Singaporean foods at an affordable price at the Hawker Center. Or, you can take pleasure in many free tourist attractions.

But, if you bring your family members, such as your son and daughters or your parents and grandparents, it will be more comfortable to book a hotel. There are a lot of the best hotels in Singapore that provide comfy beds, amazing pools, and delicious food. To make it easier, finding a guided tour is also a good choice.

Whatever the plan is, you need to make a proper priority. This will save you from overspending while vacationing. Let’s try to be honest, How many times have you returned home after a holiday and regretted the way you spent money? How many times have you wished you had a little more time and money so you can go somewhere else?

Anyway, if you want to get the maximum value for the money you spend while travelling to Singapore. And if you also want to have a nice time without the stress of constantly thinking about money. Here are 5 tips to make a perfect holiday in Singapore without running out of money afterwards:

1. Accommodation

The major expenses you have to pay will be accommodation such as hotel and flight. So, why don’t you start to hunt for some cheap flights now? It usually happens at low season. For Singapore, the low season will occur in March. Do not go there in November, December, or January unless you have enough money.

Another thing you should be concerned about is booking your flights and tickets four weeks before departure, minimum. Try to be flexible with dates and destinations because airfares vary depending on the day of the week, time of year, and holidays. This is why it’s always cheaper to fly during weekends rather than weekends.

Don’t forget, it might be better to fly somewhere nearby that is cheaper to get to. For example, fly into Malaysia first then take a bus to Singapore. Sometimes you can save your dollars by taking a detour instead of flying directly.

2. Use Public Transportation

Transportation is an important part of accommodation when you travel. To ease your pocket while in Singapore, you can choose to take the MRT. Why? Because the MRT is the main and cheapest transportation service in the country.

But before taking the MRT, you must buy an EZ Link card first at the station counter. This card helps your trip easier. Remember, don’t use a taxi as transportation when in Singapore unless you are really in a hurry.

3. Eat at Hawker Center

Have you ever heard about Hawkers? Singapore Hawker Center is basically a large food court with stalls around the perimeter serving everything from full meals to snacks and drinks. In Indonesia we know it as Pujasera (Pusat Jajan Serba Ada).

Here, you can find a selection of local dishes as well as flavors from across the world, including Chinese, Malay, Indian, and western. Just like a scene in a movie entitled ‘Crazy Rich Asia’.

For food lovers, Hawker Center is heaven. The atmosphere there is vibrant, the dishes are cheap, and actually, enjoying lunch in a tightly packed Hawker Center will be a genuine Singaporean experience you won’t miss.

4. Bring Your Own Water Bottle

This suggestion might sound weird, but since the price of a bottle of water is quite expensive, bringing your own bottle can be a great solution. In several places, including Changi Airport, they provide many taps of drinking water that are available for consumption. Even at some points, a hot water dispenser is also provided.

A little additional information, you can bring your drinking water on the plane. But please make sure when you pass immigration checks, empty the drinking water bottle first and then refill it in the space provided.

5. Shop at Shopping Center

What do most people do while having a vacation in Singapore? The answer is shopping. Orchard Road is a shopping paradise for branded lovers who love discounts. They sell original stuff such as bags and shoes at a cheaper price.

Other recommended shopping places are Bugis Street, Mustafa Centre, Chinatown, Lucky Plaza, and Geylang Galert. You can find accessories, souvenirs, or snacks for your friends or relatives.

Those are 5 tips to make your holiday time in Singapore become more memorable. If you have a plan to come to Singapore, don’t forget to book your ticket flights and hotel accommodation only from Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp, because there will be various promos and deals are waiting for you!

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