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Energy Efficient Replacement Windows In Georgetown, Ontario


Did you know that  windows can lose up to 25% of a home’s heating and cooling energy? In Canada’s climate that means you literally throw your money out the window. Choosing energy efficient windows and doors Georgetown can help you reduce your energy use.

If you are looking for new windows or would like to replace the existing ones, it is important to choose the most energy efficient windows you can afford that will work best in your climate.

Read our article to know all about energy efficient windows features and where you can buy the best option for your needs.

How Do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

  • Low-emissivity Glass

The panes of energy-efficient windows are made from low-emissivity glass that helps to block out the sunrays. There are single-, double-, or triple-paned windows, and each layer blocks out more sunlight. This makes your home comfortable all year-round by keeping more heat inside the house during winter and outside during summer.

There are also additional options like tints and reflective coatings for the panes.

  • Insulation

Most traditional windows feature metal insulation, but it has low energy efficiency. Some window models use polymer structural foams or gasses like Argon or Krypton for better insulation. The type of insulation used depends on the manufacturer.

Energy Efficient Window Installers in Georgetown

Bad windows are like a thermal hole in the house. But with a lot of new technologies, all you have to do is find a reliable window installer to get your old windows replaced.

A Canadian company Vinyl Light Windows & Doors has been serving homeowners for 13+ years, installing energy efficient windows that look good, save your money and increase your home’s security.

We have many homeowners in Georgetown that have saved hundreds of dollars after installing energy efficient windows.

If you are looking for new windows and a reliable contractor, Vinyl Light Windows & Doors is here to help you!

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