Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Amagasaki will become the first candidate in consideration of place and price


Apart from Amagasaki I was not stuck.

When I had to decide to live a house, considering my work place and my family’s school it was said that calmness was around here.

There is a big river, but as you cross this river, the price of the property will be much cheaper.
At first I thought about buying an apartment, but regardless of my place of work, the location of my family’s school will definitely change.

In that case I thought that I could lease it.

A long time ago, as for rental, it is said that temporary residence is temporary as well as borrowed side, even if there is someone who enters in this state also from the lender side, the supply-demand relationship is consistent and this market is in equilibrium Even so.

Because of that, my image of renting was terribly bad, but I noticed that it was not so while I was looking around various properties.

I feel a sense of throbbing beyond the pounding feeling when I was watching a newly built or used second-hand condominium, I think that I can decide to lease Amagasaki.

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