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Are Cell Phone Monitoring Apps Any Good? Let’s Find Out


We are living in an era where our lives revolve around the use of technology. It would be close to impossible to look for an individual without a cell phone. The truth is, in this technological era, the use of cell phones and other digital devices has become prevalent. In fact, technology is ingrained in our lives.

What’s more surprising is the fact that kids and teens are found using cell phones to access the internet more than most adults. Where an adult spends only about 10 to 15 minutes on a social media platform, the teen spends more than an hour on the platform.

By looking at the difference between screen time, we can judge how long teens are using their digital devices. It shows their addiction to the internet and social media platforms. To monitor and control someone’s phone and internet usage, Android spy or iPhone monitoring apps (depending on the target phone) can be brought into use.

What Are Monitoring Apps? Why People Use Them?

Cell phone monitoring apps are monitoring solutions that help you track someone’s cell phone activity. They also come in the form of computer software, letting you track someone’s computer activity. Monitoring apps were designed to meet the demand of some users who wished to keep track of someone’s digital activity.

People have been using monitoring apps for many years now and for different reasons. Monitoring apps can be used to keep an eye on your kids and teens to make sure they are safe on the internet. Companies can also use monitoring apps to check if their employees are still loyal to the business. Moreover, any person can use a monitoring app to track their spouse to ensure they are not cheating on them.

These are some of the main reasons why people consider using monitoring apps. For kids and teens, monitoring apps have been proved to be quite beneficial. Parents who are concerned about their kid’s online safety can resort to monitoring apps and find out what their kids have been doing online lately.

Many companies have benefited from monitoring solutions as they can catch the dishonest employees for leaking the company’s sensitive data or track the lazy employees who are neglecting the office work and paying attention to leisure activities during office hours.

Monitoring apps have also helped a great deal to people who are doubtful about their partners cheating on them and want to find out the truth.

What Can Monitoring Apps Do for You Exactly?

Reliable and professional monitoring apps are capable of providing you access to almost every activity taking place on the target phone. Below, you can look at some of the key features offered by a monitoring app:

Monitor Messages

With the help of a monitoring app, you can read text messages as well as iMessages (for iPhones only) received or sent out from the target phone. Each text message contains information such as the date and time, name of the sender, content of the text, etc. You can also monitor the instant conversations exchanged on instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.

Track Phone Calls

The monitoring apps also let you track all the incoming and outgoing phone calls on the target phone. Each phone call comes with a timestamp. The app will also provide you information such as the name of the caller, call duration, etc. What’s more, you can also record the phone calls and hear them later at your convenience.

Monitor Social Media Activity

With monitoring apps, you can also monitor social media apps on the target phone such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. You can find out what someone is uploading and sharing on their social media platforms. You can also read their instant messages and find out who they have been interacting with.

Track Location

Another most important feature of a monitoring app is its ability to track the location of the target cell phone. With the help of the target phone’s built-in GPS technology, the app can track all their movements. You can monitor the street names, buildings as well as neighborhoods. In fact, you can monitor all the whereabouts of the target person.

Monitor Web Browsing History

A monitoring app also lets you monitor someone’s web browsing activity. You can get access to the list of recently visited sites along with site descriptions and timestamps. You can find out what sites and content have been viewed by the target person recently.

These are some of the most essential features provided by monitoring apps. Only trustworthy and reliable monitoring apps should be considered. You must stay away from bogus and fraudulent apps because the market is also laden with them.

The best way to detect the authentic monitoring app would be to check its official website, read the customers’ reviews, see its rating on the Google Playstore and Apple store, and find out whether or not it supports all the leading platforms.

If your target person is using an Android phone, you need to get the best spy app for Android and monitor their cell phone activity. No doubt it does take some time and effort to detect the right monitoring app.

Are Monitoring Apps Worth Using?

Of course, they are! If you have gotten hands on the right monitoring app, you are certainly going to benefit from it. Some apps also offer free trial versions so the users can get the hang of the app and see if it works for them.

However, the free versions can only be used for a few days and they offer limited features. To utilize all the important monitoring features, you have to upgrade to the premium version. In our opinion, monitoring apps are worth using because they offer you insight into all the events happening on the target phone. You should use the app if you have a legit reason to monitor someone’s cell phone.

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