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The Insight of EXPI Stock


Exp. world Holdings, Inc. is a well known cloud-based real estate brokerage firm. This company focus on development and also used cloud-based technologies. The expected rate of growth of EXPI, INC. is 79 percent which is eye-catching for any investors. It has a good top lime trajectory which indicates a high – quality bottom-line expansion which is opposed to unsustainable cost-cutting activities

The expo World Holdings, Inc. is a well- known company in U.S stock Market and EXPI stock at https://www.webull.com/newslist/nasdaq-expi holding almost 22 U.S. Traded ETFs. It also has .6 M shares in The U.S. ETF market. The larger shareholder of EXPI in Vanguard Real Estate ETF is also known as VNQ in the stock market. It has EXPI’s almost 572.86k shares.

The investors also found interest that the ETF has the largest shares Microcap ETF (IWC) with a good portfolio near about 0.07 percent and the average of ETFs allocate near about 0.02 percent of EXPI stock.

The top-performing ticker with EXPI stock URTY (Pro shares Ultra Pro ) is 33.09% which is highest in the last 30 days and the minimum ticker with EXPI stock is VTWG ( vanguard Russell 2) which is 15.26%.

The VNQ has its highest share market which is 572.86 k after that 424.44k is taken by IWM ( shares Rusell 2000 E), IWO has 177.37k, VTI has its 89.56k and in the last SCHA ( Schwabb U.S. small) has 75.55 percent share of EXPI world Holdings. These are the main and high rate investors of EXPI stock.

The Symbol of EXPI stock is NASDAQ: EXPI. In the year 2019 the net income of the fourth of EXPI is $800,000 and the revenue grows eighty-two percent. It was EXPI stock‘s first profitable quarter since it’s listed in the stock market. Then it shares its first-quarter report then its world holding gained almost seven percent. With the debt-equity ratio it’s performing better than any other company.

Every quarter the revenue of EXPI Stock is increasing in comparison with the last quarter. Take a look of 2020 quarters

  • The agents and brokers of EXPI increase in the first quarter of 2020 by 59 percent to 28449 whereas in the last year of the first quarter it was only 17929 in counting.
  • The residential transaction increases 73 % in the first quarter of 2020 in comparison with the first quarter of January 2019 which was only 22,307.
  • The net promoter score of EXPI, Inc. is 70 agents.

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