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Everything You Need to Know about Endoscopic Bite Blocks


To know about bite blocks the first thing you should get, what is this thing? If you have seen a picture then, it will look like a guard that is wearable on the mouth. This is a device that is used at the time of upper endoscopy when the flexible device or endoscope is inserted inside the mouth.

These are better used as a use and throw out manner because if you don’t use disposable bite blocks with your patient, there are high chances the device will spread germs to the other person you use it with. So, safety should be the first priority in these cases. However, if you are not aware of the usage or missing some details on this endoscopic device, here we have cleared everything for your better knowledge.

The use of bite blocks

There are different types of bite blocks available in the market. If you just go search for by the name the seller might give you the one that is used for attaching braces. To get the actual one you have to go to, endoscopic disposable bite blocks manufacture, and only then you can get the proper thing. However, the use of it is very simple, as it’s done for the upper endoscopy purpose. In here, you have to open your mouth, and this bite block protects your teeth from any kind of damage. There are specific ranges and styles available for it in the market, and you can use one that seems convenient.

The features of bite blocks

  • Bite blocks reduce the friction that comes with the endoscope, and thus it allows the suction part.
  • This very thing makes sure that the patient is having their comfort and safety because bite blocks do not have sharp edges.
  • This endoscopic device is made with no latex in it, lead or any other substance that can bring harm to the patient.
  • You will find different ranges of disposable bite blocks, or you can find the reusable ones in the market too.
  • There are some of the bite blocks which come with a retention strap, which you can detach from the device and this thing ensures the fit is secure. These straps are universal and fit everyone.
  • Bite blocks are not just used for the endoscopy but for dilators and for braces too. For the right size, you will find various options.
  • It gives the ultimate protection to the patients, so their teeth become safe from the endoscope and the device of endoscopy stays safe too.
  • It’s better to use disposable ones because it reduces the risk of cross-contamination from one person to another.

Bite blocks have a lower price, and it helps in separating nasal prongs and oxygen masks. This way a huge amount of time and money is saved.

Bite blocks should be adjusted by a specialist, or who have been trained to use endoscopic devices. If the person does not have adequate training, then the patient might get hurt or the endoscope might get damaged as well. Also, if you are reusing the bite block, then, you have to sterilize it properly.

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