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Health & Hygiene in the Food Industry


Restaurant managers are all too aware of the dangers that pests pose, and with all the food, one would expect the local rats and mice to head that way. All kitchens have to undergo regular inspections, and the business would have an ongoing contract with commercial pest control in Leeds, whose job it is to ensure that the kitchens remain pest free.

Potential Pests

For a commercial kitchen, the following are a threat:

  • Rats & Mice
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants

Rodents are a particular danger, and ongoing measures would ensure that the perimeters are covered, with preventative measures rather than dealing with an infestation. It might be a weekly visit, but the commercial pest control company would regularly carry out their work to ensure the kitchen remains rodent free.


Obviously, kitchen must be kept super clean, as germs and bacteria can quickly develop, and a daily and very thorough clean would be carried out by the kitchen staff. Regarding pests, the pest control officer would employ a range of measures to prevent pest access, which would include the use of certain poisons and bait traps, while using other methods to deter the creatures.

Efficient & Effective

The kitchen manager has a lot on his plate, so to speak, and pests are a constant threat that is handled by a commercial pest control company, as they have the know-how and resources to ensure the kitchen is pest free.

With effective pest control and daily cleaning, the kitchen will be a place that is suitable for preparing food.

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