General Get Pink Diamonds In Your Investment Portfolio

Get Pink Diamonds In Your Investment Portfolio


People who are investing in coloured diamonds such as pink diamonds other than colourless diamonds are going to be extremely beneficial. Pink diamonds are also considered as the most lucrative investment in the present-day gemstone market. The reason why people are said to have an investment portfolio in the pink diamond is that they are extremely rare and at the same time they are on the brink of exhaustion.

You might be wondering why should you only opt for investment in a pink diamond rather than colourless or any other diamond. In addition to this, you might also be thinking of having an investment portfolio in pink diamonds would benefit you in the long run or not. Well, the answer is yes. Investment in pink diamonds is better and it will make your portfolio strong. Let’s take a look at how pink diamonds are doing in the market.

What is the stance of pink diamonds in the market?

The people who are in connection with professionals like know that they are exceedingly coveted concerning the diamond market. By the looks of it, this is the only reason as to why pink diamonds belong to the portfolio of a smart investor.

Pink diamonds aren’t just rare when putting into contrast with other colour diamonds, rather the scarcity level of the pink diamond make it a desirable asset. The long-term investors are indeed considering pink diamond as the best asset in the world. Pink diamonds are better investments than real estate as well.

Around 90-95% of pink diamonds come from Australia and sadly the mine that extracts pink diamond in on the brink of closing in the year 2020. The scarcity which investors have been predicting for a very long time has risen the valuation of pink diamond investments. Currently, even the lower quality pink diamond with colour grading has a steep price range.

Investors should choose a pink diamond to have better returns

Usually, the investors have a hard time to invest their money to know that a bad investment will make them bite the dust. Moreover, this is the reason why most of the investors are turning to invest in pink diamonds.

The valuation of pink diamonds has escalated to almost 13.8 per cent in each year. By the looks of it, this makes an investment in pink diamonds extremely lucrative and beneficial.

Pink diamonds provide the best possible investment opportunity around the world. In addition to this, the seamless rarity of the diamond is turning them into a stable investment. Pink diamonds are also considered as investment-grade stone as they are sold in a competitive price range and best quality.

Before investing in pink diamonds, make sure that the diamonds match the perfect setting. Furthermore, these settings help in hiding several imperfections. For instance, the perfectly set pink diamond would need the perfect saturation level, clarity or cut; nevertheless, it would still make you tons of money during a future auction.

As far as the liquidity of the asset is concerned, loose stones will be very much easier to sell other than the diamond pieces which are already placed in some sort of jewellery piece.

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