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Getting Justice After a Dog Attack


You should be able to walk down the street or enjoy the park with family and friend without the risk of a dog attack. Dog owners must control their animals, and they are liable for any attack on a person who has not violated their property or person. If you are the victim of a dog attack, you have legal options.

After the Attack

Speaking to a Dog Bite Attorney is the first thing you should do. During the initial consultation the attorney will ask you to recall the circumstances that led to the attack. They will also ask you to describe all that you have had to endure since the attack. The attorney will use this as the basis of your legal strategy.
You may still be recovering from the attack, but you should think about the future. Seeking the advice and insight of a lawyer will give you a better understanding of what your options might be.

The Impact of the Attack

You must seek emergency medical attention after a dog bite. The wound will need to be cleaned, treated, and bandaged. You will also need to undergo a course of rabies shots.

Dog attacks can lead to severe injuries, especially if the dog has been trained to be aggressive and violent. Some of the most dangerous dogs in the world walk freely in the streets of Indianapolis. Smart and responsible owners know how to keep them under control; other owners let them run wild. If you have been attacked by such an animal, you may be forced to spend weeks or months in the hospital. You will of course have to give up your income during this time, and you will have to deal with a range of medical expenses, including rehabilitative treatment.

The person whose negligence put you in this situation should be held accountable. A lawyer with expertise and experience in handling dog attack cases can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Building Your Case

Dog owners are highly protective of their pets. Even if they know the dog attacked you illegally, they will still put up a fight. This is especially the case when they use the dog for some illicit purpose. They fear that the destruction of the dog will be part of the settlement.

It is up to your attorney to build a case that demonstrates the truth of your version of events. Your lawyer will engage their own professional investigators to re-examine the scene of the attack and re-interview witnesses. They will also review any security camera footage that captured the attack and may be able to validate your claims.

Even if you were attacked by a dog owned by someone you know, you should expect resistance. In such cases, dog owners have been known to accuse the victim of showing up to their home uninvited and thus provoking the animal. However, emails, text messages, and social media posts are usually enough to disprove this claim.

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