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What Exactly Does a Funeral Director Do


Many people are unaware of the tasks and services that a funeral director is charged with, which is perfectly understandable, and if you would like to know the full extent of their work, here is a brief description of the role of a funeral director.

Pre-Funeral Tasks

The funeral director is responsible for transporting the deceased person to the funeral home, or in a case where the customer prefers to keep the body at home until the funeral, the funeral director would offer assistance. If you are using funeral directors in Swansea, they would also arrange viewing sessions for relatives and friends, should they be required. He would also help with the paperwork, and if required, would post a death notice in the local newspaper or on a website.

The Funeral

There is much to arrange, and those arrangements would depend on the type of funeral the surviving family wish to have. A typical funeral would consist of the following:

  • Arranging flowers and special tributes.
  • Arranging transport for the funeral.
  • Organising catering
  • Offering a choice of coffins

Other things the funeral director might do include accepting any donations on behalf of the family members and ensuring that everyone is taken care of during the funeral proceedings.

Post Funeral

The funeral director would help when the deceased has been cremating buy collecting the ashes and following the client’s requests regarding the spreading of the ashes. He might also prepare thank you cards for those who attended the funeral, should the family wish.

The funeral director is a compassionate person who is always ready to offer emotional support to the family of the deceased, and with their professional support and guidance, the funeral will go ahead smoothly.

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