General The Ultimate Prom Night Prep List

The Ultimate Prom Night Prep List


Have you received your much-anticipated prom night invite and are already having butterflies in your stomach? Proms do that to you. It is a package of excitement, anticipation and a lot of nervousness for all the glamour race that drives the event. It is absolutely natural to be nervous and paranoid about your prom look has given the unforgiving levels of pressures that are associated with such events. When everyone wishes to pull off the true Angelina Jolie look from the last Oscar red carpet, the struggle to look your best becomes a real challenge.

If you are already going through a nerve-wracking process of planning your prom look, here is a quick guide to help you pull off your best look.

Plan Early

The rule of thumb is to avoid procrastinating and start planning and prepping as early as possible. That is because your prom look is not all about your wardrobe. You need to prep up your overall personality inside out so that you can put forth a glowing confident woman that makes heads turn.

Embrace Yourself

No one is born perfect and thanks to fashion and cosmetics, all your imperfections can be covered up in a breeze with the right techniques. However, one thing that will always show somehow and is hard to conceal is your lack of confidence. If you are not confident about yourself, even best stylists will not be able to do much for you. Look yourself in the mirror, talk to yourself and tell yourself that you are a beautiful woman. Bury all your inhibitions and respect yourself for the way you are.

Healthy Habits

No one expects you to go size zero but tweaking up the lifestyle and putting forth a healthy mind and body always makes your personality pleasant and creates a positive aura. Take out time for some physical activity or work out, de-stress yourself with yoga, eat clean and healthy and sleep well. All these habits will add a natural glow to your physical beauty and no cosmetic product can substitute your natural glow.

Plan Your Wardrobe

Run an online search to see what the current fashion trends are and try to find a balance between trend and comfort. Remember that an important part of your style is to be able to carry yourself comfortably so do not pick any prom dresses or shoes that you are not comfortable wearing. If you are on a budget, you can look out for sales, discount deals or departmental stores such as Macy’s for cheap prom dresses, shoes, and accessories. Whatever you buy, make sure you try it on before making a final purchase and don’t leave your trials and fittings for the last moment.

Schedule Salon Appointment

Even if you plan to do your hair and makeup yourself, make sure you pay a visit to the salon and get all the necessary grooming done such as hair dye in case you need grey hair coverage, manicure and pedicure and facial and body waxing. Try to get your grooming done about 5 days before the event. Getting it too early can lead to regrowth of hair in some cases. Keeping it too close to the event will not allow your skin to breath and you will not be able to treat your skin in case there are any alert or reactions. It is recommended that you schedule your manicures only a day before the event so that your nail paints are fresh and you can avoid any nail accidents.


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