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Information on Mumbai to Delhi Flights Schedule and Status


Delhi and Mumbai are the two most important Indian cities for obvious reasons. While the former is the national capital, the other is the hub for most of the trade and finance. But, these are not the only reasons hordes of people travel between these two cities. These are also important tourist destinations in their own right; Delhi being renowned as a historical centre, and Mumbai as a beach and entertainment destination. Owing to all these factors, the air route between the two largest Indian cities is also the busiest. Those, travelling to the national capital, have the liberty of choosing from more than 140 Mumbai to Delhi flights every day. As the demand for tickets increases, more and more carriers are launching operations on the route.

Owing to this, the number of aircraft operations at both Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL) and Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM) is rising. Hence, the flight schedule has become congested, and every second can be important. So, people need to be absolutely sure about when the aircraft, they have to travel on, will take-off. Any delay in reaching the boarding gate may lead to passengers, missing their flight; therefore, checking the schedule becomes necessary. Take-offs and landings at extremely short intervals from each other can lead to stagnant operations. At times, all the runways at the airports are operated simultaneously, which can sometimes result in delays; this is where consulting the flight status becomes important. The following section details the difference between schedule and status, and where these can be consulted.


It is the information, related to when the aircraft will depart or land at the airport. This however does not tell passengers whether the flight will actually be taking-off or arriving in time. Mumbai to Delhi flight schedule is often the first criterion people consider when planning their itinerary. Those, who are travelling for an office meeting, generally prefer flying early in the morning so they can take care of work and return the same day. Contrary to this, vacationers can travel in the morning or day to do some sightseeing, or in the evening or night to head straight to their lodging. The first air service on the sector departs at 1:20 am, whereas the final one takes-off at 11:15 pm. All this information, along with that for the departures in between, is available on all leading online travel agencies (OTA) like Yatra.com.


A lot of people have the misconception that schedule and status are the same, but this is not the case. In simple words, the latter can be explained as the instantaneous state of the schedule adherence. It tells you if the departures or landings will in fact be carried out at the stipulated time or not. The Mumbai to Delhi flight status can be seen on the official website of the carrier, the tickets have been booked with. People need to reach the airport at least 2-3 hours before departure, and if the take-off is delayed, then they too can reach the airport later than otherwise. Similarly, those, going to receive someone, can check for delays, and if there is one, then they can also delay their journey to the airport, accordingly.

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