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Kegs for Craft Breweries: How to Choose the Right One?


Planning on brewing? Then the first thing you should think about is what you will do when it is time to store your drink. Your standard kitchen refrigerator is not the best option for beer storage. It is much better to store draft beer in kegs.

After reading this article, you will better understand how to choose the right size of barrel and where to purchase it.

What Are the Best Kegs for Craft Breweries?

To date, the most popular are:

  • Mini kegs (1.32 gallons/5 l)

Disposable aluminum barrels that can be recycled.

  • Corny keg

Depending on the size you choose, this keg can hold from 2,378 to 10 gallons. It is great for home brewing.

  • ⅙ barrel (5.17 gallons/19.57 liters)

Visually, this barrel is very similar to the Corny, but it holds a little more.

As a rule, the standard kegerator can accommodate 2 or 3 of these barrels, making them an excellent choice for restaurants, bars, and pubs with limited space.

The ideal solution for small breweries or when you just want to try a new recipe.

You can put these kegs onto each other. This saves space in small breweries or establishments.

  • Quarter barrel (7.75 gallons/29.34 l)

It is commonly used in establishments where kegerators with a double tap are installed.

  • Half barrel (15.5 gallons/58.67 liters)

The most common variant can be found in most large modern breweries or bars.

In addition, there are kegs of other sizes:

  • ⅛ barrel (3.875 gallons/14.67 l)
  • European barrel (6.6 gallons/25 l)
  • Imported barrel (13.2 gallons/50 l)

The first two variants are relevant for small establishments, and the imported barrel can be used instead of the standard 15.5 gallon half barrel.

Where to Buy Kegs for Craft Breweries?

If you are looking for convenient and practical kegs for beer brewing and storage, visit the online store of the popular company Beverage Craft https://www.beveragecraft.com/. Here you will find a large selection of different kegs: mini, cornelius, 20l keg, ½, ¼ and ⅙ barrel, European half barrel, etc.

Representatives of the brand will gladly help you to choose the optimal type and capacity, as well as tell you how to install it correctly and connect it to your draft beer system.

Using Beverage Craft products, your drink will always be fresh, delicious, and fragrant!

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