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What Flower Arrangements are Best to Express Sympathy?


Life isn’t always a bed of roses where everything is problem-free and joyful. Sometimes our families, friends, colleagues, and even acquaintances suffer from loss, heartache, and grief. In such circumstances, we try to provide support and comfort to them, even if we are also hurting inside. We can offer support by offering advice, a warm hug, or even flowers, which can express what we lack the words to say. Some of the best sympathy flowers you can send someone who is grieving to express your condolences include:


In many Asian countries like Japan and China, chrysanthemums symbolize grief and are popularly used in funeral arrangements. Furthermore, European countries like France, Austria, and Belgium almost exclusively use mums in burials and memorial services. White mums are a great option to send to anyone who is grieving.


Lilies are associated with times of loss and funerals. For instance, in Christianity, they symbolize resurrection. Thus, lilies signify the beginning of a new chapter and outlook on life.


Statice is used in fresh bouquets and dried arrangements as well. It symbolizes remembrance, which can be a remembrance of a loved one, a beautiful distant memory, or in reconciliation. Therefore, this strongly scented and vibrant, purple-colored bloom can be used to remember the good memories, not the bad.


Gladioli popularly symbolizes a person who had integrity. Thus, they are a great floral arrangement to use for someone who was popularly known for being considerate, caring, and outstanding in society. Furthermore, they can be sent to a family whose loved one was a lawyer or police officer because they represent integrity.


Daffodils symbolize new life and rebirth. At funerals, they are usually part of a larger arrangement that also has other flowers. Daffodils can help to lift the spirits of the grieving family as they convey the message of hope as the deceased begins a new journey in the afterlife. To find out more about the ideal floral tribute for a funeral, visit this website: https://itvnews24.com/


Gardenias are a great choice to send to those who are grieving because they symbolize peace and purity. They also represent renewal, protection, and trust. Thus, you can send them to a grieving family to express your heartfelt sentiments. In addition, you can send potted gardenias which can be transplanted in one corner of the garden as remembrance or memorial of the deceased.


Orchids represent great admiration, eternal love, and respect and are a great option to send. Furthermore, the orchid colors that are usually sent to the grieving family are white, pink, and purple.


Carnations are popularly used in floral funeral arrangements. You can choose the color of carnations to send depending on the message you want to convey. For instance, if you want to express purity, innocence, and love, you can choose white carnations. Moreover, if you want to express remembrance, then you should pick a pink bouquet.


The best blooms to express sympathy are chrysanthemums, Daffodils, Orchids, Lilies, Roses, Gladiolus, and Statice. Although these blooms will never be enough to fully express how sorry you are for their loss, hopefully, they can show the grieving ones that they are in your thoughts and prayers.

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