Auto Tips In Choosing The Best Second-Hand Commercial Meat Mincer

Tips In Choosing The Best Second-Hand Commercial Meat Mincer


Most of us enjoy meat whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you want to start a business that involves meat processing, then you should know where to find the best second hand equipment Australia. It is important that you have the best equipment there is in order to cater to the needs of your customers. The first thing that you would need is a commercial meat mincer that will grind your product to perfection.

So how will you choose the best in the market, especially if you are purchasing second-hand equipment? What are the features that you should take into consideration? If you have the same inquiries, then here are some tips for you.

Hygienic And Human-Safe Production

When choosing a mincer or grinder, it is very important that you choose the ones made from stainless steel and/or anodized aluminum. This will ensure that the machine will have resistance against corrosion to acids and salts found in the meat. High-end mincers these days are constructed with stainless steel cutting groups, as well as its inlet throats and barrels. This way, the operator will be able to conveniently produce safe-to-consume meat.

Prefer Machines With Reversing Switches

Remember that meats vary when it comes to density and texture. When the meat is being passed through narrow outlets, it is best if the machine has a reversible switch. This way, you can easily clear any blockages during the process.

High-Quality Machinery Parts

A meat grinder will be considered high-end if the parts are also high-quality. This means that if you want a high-performing machine, you have to consider the parts used that make it work. The gears should run in an oil bath to make sure that the motor parts are highly-lubricated at all times throughout the operation. This way, the mincer will perform at its best and can prevent any damages to the meat that is being minced.

How Much Meat Are You Grinder Each Day?

When choosing a second-hand meat mincer, you should consider the amount of meat you are planning to process on a daily basis. These machines come in different capacities and sizes. This way, each machinery can cater to the customers’ needs, budget, as well as the operational requirements.

Features and Functionalities to Consider

A mincer that has amazing features and functionalities should always be considered. This will help you prepare the minced meat without too much effort. So what are the features to consider? It should have a drive reduction gear that runs in an oil bath for maximum lubrication. It should also have switches for reverse,  a fan-cooled motor, and also construction from anodized aluminum and stainless steel.

Choosing a second-hand meat mincer is not going to be easy. However, for your meat processing business, this is one of the must-have’s. Sure you can opt for brand new machinery, but if you are on a tight budget, you can always opt for second-hand equipment. All you need is to have a better understanding of the features that you have to take into consideration. You should also know how to choose the best one on the market. This way, you will purchase a meat grinder that is right for your budget but can perform like brand new equipment.

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