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The Six Major Things to do after a Car Accident


According to latest research, about six to ten million car accidents occur throughout the world every year. Quite fortunately, almost all of them involve property damage only, but a few could severely injure passengers or driver as well. Rather than being nervous, when involved in such a dreadful incident, you should try to implement certain essential things and thus protect your interests seamlessly. For example, calling police right away, taking pictures, seeking medical attention, scheduling appointment with an attorney, etc. Know more by checking out below-mentioned pointers.

  1. Do not Run Away

Although you might feel extremely tempted but running away shows you are in fault. Instead stop and start securing the scene immediately. Setting flares up, turning on a flashlight, etc. until help arrives would keep further mishaps at bay.

  1. Call Police

It is always a great idea to call police even if no one is hurt too seriously because they can prevent the entire situation from turning worse. According to recent studies, efficient police constables help with insurance claims, and also closely evaluate if anybody must be penalized.

  1. Fabricate a Precise Record

Telling the investigating officer what exactly happened is immensely important. You must not guess or misstate any fact as that can unnecessarily complicate and prolong a case. If you are enquired about your injury and you feel not quite sure, say you have doubts rather than denying directly. This is because many times, effects of a car accident become noticeable hours after the real collision.

  1. Take Pictures

If you have a smartphone or camera, do click many pictures of the vehicle, people involved, and overall setting. This can help police in finding out who actually is responsible but never interfere in an on-going inquiry.

  1. Safeguard Your Rights

It is necessary to rely upon legal assistance because doing so would safeguard your rights and also assure that no valuable proof is destroyed. You would also be fully reimbursed by the concerned insurance company. Now as there is a wide range of options readily available, according to a well-known Miami accident lawyer, you must hire someone only if he or she has the following characteristics:

  • ProfessionalismBeing capable of performing duties with integrity and as per protocols prevalent in a state/province/municipality.
  • Specialty- Trained in managing varied types of accident cases. The attorney should also be noted for securing settlements without any sort of hassle.
  • Experience- An amateur lawyer could never generate a justifiable outcome and hence stands to be a sheer wastage of money.
  • Approachability- Offering convenient and reliable means of communication so that clients could contact whenever they want.
  • Fee Policy- It is viable to opt for a lawyer who works for contingency fees. This means he or she cannot ask for money unless his or her client receives desirable compensation.
  1. Pay Visit to Hospital

Paying visit to a hospital and undertaking a comprehensive physical examination would enable you to know what kind of injury you have suffered and what treatment would be appropriate for fast recovery. Negligence can pave way for disastrous consequences as even accidents with minor impact can cause harm spinal cord or brain.

Keeping the six things specified above in mind and carrying them out with maximum diligence would surely let you handle a vehicular accident, no matter how severe, successfully.

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